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Circe is the former secondary antagonist from Generator Rex who was in league with Van Kleiss. She tries to take down Rex Salazar.


She makes her debut in Season 1 episode 3 as the supporting antagonist who joins The Breach. She is Recurring Antagonist of Season 2 and Circe is One of the Heroic Antagonist in Season 3 who dates Rex Salazar.


She makes a Full Characteristics of Her after Rex and His Friend, Noah and Hide Sidekick, Monkey playing Basketball. He realizes Her about Her song, She has nothing wanted to do with Him but to hangs out. The message of Her who retreats and Rex had been Secure to knows Her.

Biowulf and Breach who hires Crice as a Recruit of Them, Her face totally looks like a Monster. Rex tries to meet Her but Agent 6 was there instead of Her, He tries to need a warnings with Her.

Circe didn't wanna meet Rex Be cuz of Her gothic looks, He tries to tell Her what to do about Her aggressions. Bio and Breach appears and She shoouts Him to not meets Both of Them. They want to releases Her good deeds for dating Him, but Rex kicks Bio and punches Breach's throat. He doesn't want Her affected but a Monster cames of to kills Her and went in a Rampage that Six assaults Both of The Packs.

Monkey and Noah helps and Six to beats Bio and Breach away from Him while as Rex follows Circe who is able to understands attacked by a Monster. He use a sword to arrest Him but She wanna abduct Six, Noah turns Coconut into Basketball and Monkey makes fun of Her throne away. But Breach turns Both of Them in a Desert of Hell, Six about to captures Bio but was abducted in Egypt.

Rex kills The Monster that It attacks Him and Circe. He and She tries to dates, but Bio and Breach come over the Portal and She lefts. Six calls the Airplane with Noah and Monkey to return the Beach to finds out what happened to Rex was He is okay and not Hit. She and Her Friends are in the Plant Tribes and meets Her own Leader, Van Kleiss to kills Rex.


She was the 2 Villainess in Her after the Breach makes Her debut in Season 1 Pilot Episode before Beverley Holiday makes Her First Appearance in the Lockdown.

Her Screams was like Sindel from Mortal Kombat and Black Canary from DC.

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