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Christine is a possessed red 1958 Plymouth Fury vintage vehicle with a life of her own and the titular main villainess of the Stephen King novel Christine, as well as its famous 1983 horror film adaptation of the same name directed by the famous horror master John Carpenter. Despite being a vehicle, Christine is often referred to as a female and seems to have the mannerisms of a mean-spirited girlfriend when it comes to her new owners. While having no voice, the sound effects for her were provided by Robert Nichols II.


In the original novel and film, Christine kills anybody who torments her new owner named Arnold Richard Cunningham. The relationship between the two becoming more and more disturbing as the car's corruption took control, turning him away from everybody including his parents Michael and Regina Cunningham. In the end, Christine's owner was killed and she seemed to express a moment of genuine grief over his death before attempting to kill the other two heroes of the film named Dennis Guilder and Leigh Cabot.

The film also shows her killing both an assembly line inspector and the manager named Mr. Darnell of his do-it-yourself auto-repair garage by crushing them against the steering wheel with her seat, the former due to dropping cigar ash on her seat. In the book, the inspector does not appear and the garage owner Darnell is run-down when Christine drives into his home. Another scene occurs when Arnold's girlfriend Leigh begins to choke on a hamburger and Christine attempts to entrap her within the cab by locking the doors and such.

However, they fought back against her and did great damage to the car, however, Christine rapidly repaired herself and the heroes were forced to crush the car completely to stop her returning, however, the audience eventually sees Christine slowly trying to repair herself, despite being completely destroyed, although she remains in her crushed state.

In the original novel, however, Dennis is led to believe that Christine has made a return when he reads of the death of the surviving Repperton gang member getting run-down at a drive-in theater by a red car. Thus, it is hinted that Christine has survived, and Dennis fears that the murderous car is out looking for him, Leigh, and everybody else who stood against her.


  • Christine is depicted as a 1958 Plymouth Fury.
  • Christine, along with Cujo makes a cameo appearance in the 1985 anthology horror film Cat's Eye.