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Chirin is the main protagonist of Takashi Yanase's children's book Chirin no Suzu, and its 1978 anime film adaptation Ringing Bell (Chirin no Suzu). Once a carefree young lamb, he lost his innocence after a wolf killed his mother. He then set out to avenge his mother's death by training as the apprentice of the very wolf who killed his only relative. This eventually led to his transformation into a fearsome black-furred lamb.

As he and the Wolf goes to hunt some sheep in a meadow, his tragic past began to haunt him when he sees a mother sheep whom tries to protect her lamb, resulting him turned against Wolf King and killing him. Sadly, the other sheep sentence him to exile for the rest of his life, for his quest of vengeance had reduced him to neither wolf nor sheep, but an abomination.

Many do not know this, but Chirin actually transforms into an antelope as you can see from the above image. He can easily be confused as a sheep, a common misconception amongst fans.

Love Life

Though not shown in the film, Chirin fell madly in love with another stray sheep: Chirina. They courted for many years, but Chirin's wolf master prevented the relationship, deeming her to be a weakness. After defeating his master, Chirin went in search of his lost love, only to discover that she had moved on with a rhino.

Using his newfound strength he defeats the rhino in combat, killing him. This doesn't go over well with Chirina. She like the other sheep views him as a monster and promptly runs away. Very sad.