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Chester Hardwick was a prolific serial killer and the main antagonist of the Damaged episode of Criminal Minds in the third season.

He is portrayed by Michael Sheamus Wiles.



Hardwick was born in poverty in East Bridgeport, Connecticut, on April 4 1950. Hardwick entered several housing estates as a boy, and each residence was worse than the other. His parents were mentally ill, his mother suffered from bipolar disorder, while his father suffered from post-traumatic stress due to World War II. Hardwick began with his perverse habits of spying on and stealing girls' panties, as well as starting criminal fires.

After that Hardwick spent two years in a juvenile detention center. During adulthood, Hardwick started killing young adult women, killing 23 before he was caught and sentenced to death, during which Hardwick barely spoke or interacted with anyone before his execution.

Season Third[]


During his execution, Hardwick is interviewed by BAU as apart of the Criminal Personality Research Project, for which he is being interviewed by agents Hotch and Reid. During his interview, Hardwick's handcuffs are removed at Hotch's request, that Hardwick would only speak to them if they opened the fortified windows in the room, which the two agree to. However Hardwick does not cooperate what frustates Hotch because he asked to participate in the program. Hardwick points out that the only wants to smell the fresh windows because he has been isolated for so long during death row.

However, furious at Hardwick's a smug attitude, Hotch presses the button saying he wants to leave. However, none of the guards will be able to answer them as they are busy on the patio. And when Hardwick is about to kill him, Reid rolls him over to gain him, Reid rolls him over to gain time describing his mental state, with which the guards appear.

And Hardwick asks Reid if he had a chance to be normal, and Reid said, ''I don't know. Maybe.'' After that Hardwick was executed the following week.