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Charles ''Charlie'' Wilkinson is the main antagonist of the episode called Birthright that appeared in season 3 of Criminal Minds.

He is portrayed by Curt Bonnem.



Charlie was born in 1981, he was the son of Robert Wilkinson who was an active serial killer in Frederickburg, Virginia in the 1980s. And when his wife and Charlie's mother, Mary realized what he had killing, making it look like an accident to protect Charlie. However, as time passed, it was very evident that Charlie inherited the same intincts as his father, sence he took a cat and hung it on a tree branch and beat him to death.

Criminal Minds[]


Charlie soon found out about Robert's past and throught he had a connection with him, and with that he soon started copying his modus operandis. And for that he kidnapped three women and tied them up, he then began to torture them and lastly he then killed his first victim who was a woman with no name.

After that, during the searches they found out about similar crimes in the 1980s. BAU also soon discovered with the help of Sheriff John Caulfield that they soon discovered that Robert was responsible for the murders. They also after interrogation discovered that Stephen Forey was not the serial killer. After that before, Charlie who had raped Molly McCarthy and also the next day Tara Ricker. And Morgan and JJ decide to go and talk to him, but before he can do that, Charlie appears sitting on a chair in the street. He also talks to his wife Crissy telling Charlie that he wanted a family, and Charlie is as sick as Robert, he goes after her, when she shoots killing him. After that we can understand that although she claimed self-defense, she is arrested and handcuffed.

Known Victims[]

  • Unnamed Victims (that he killed)
  • Julie Stanton (that he killed)
  • Molly McCarthy (he kidnapped and prevalently raped her, but was rescued)
  • Tara Ricker (he kidnapped and prevalently raped her, but was rescued)