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Charles Holcombe is a main antagonist in the Legacy episode of the second season of Criminal Minds. He is portrayed by Tahmus Rounds.



For some undisclosed reason, Charles Holcombe was a violent and antisocial man, and when his father died, he took the opportunity and soon manipulates his submissive accomplice by bringing him prostitutes, that he could kill her, he soon he began to kill all the people that no one would miss, being prostitutes, drug addicts and homeless people killing cruelty. Ultil a man with problems who suffered from obssessive-compulsive disorder who was a detective in Kansas began to find this strange and began to realize that the he had a serial killer on the loose, but no one heard him.

Criminal Minds


Then when Holcombe killed 64 people, all without homeless, prostitutes and drug addicts. Detective Cal McGee soon went to BAU, and they started to believe that he had a serial killer, he then captured a man named Steven Forster and managed to locate Holcombe, who before that had captured a prostitute named Maggie, he tried kills her but she reached until the arrival of the BAU that saved her and killed Holcombe, crushing her reign of terror.