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Feature films Batman: The Movie
Batman Returns
Batman: Year One
The Dark Knight Rises
Television programs Batman
The Batman/Superman Hour
The New Adventures of Batman
Birds of Prey
Batman: The Animated Series
The New Batman Adventures
The Batman
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Video games Catwoman (1999)
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Actress Julie Newmar
lee Meriwether
Eartha Kitt
Voice Jnae Webb
Melendy Britt
Addrienne Barbeau
Gina Gershon
Nika Futterman
Stephanie Sheh
Eliza Dushku
Vanessa Marshall
P. J. Mattson
kelley Huston
Grey DiLisle
Katherine Von Till
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Character information
Other names Queen of Criminals, Princess of Plunder, Miss Kitka
Personality Sneaky, tricky, seductive, mysterious, quick-witted, ungenerous, efficient, emotionless, negative, obstinate, fearless, conscientious, responsible, independent, mature, industrious, no-nonsense, abrasive, lion-hearted, self-absorbed, polite, respectful, irascible, narrow-minded, confident, erudite, serious, stoic, obsessive, feisty, powerful, loquacious, unkind, narcissistic, determined, even-tempered at times, relaxed at times, meticulous, intelligent, strict, superstitious, knowledgeable, insane, thoughtful, keen, ambitious
Appearance Thin woman in a black or purple suit
Occupation Thief
Affiliations neutral
Goal Get rich with money
Friends The Joker, The Riddler, The Penguin,
Enemies Batman, Red Claw, Bane
Likes Cats, jewelry, Batman
Dislikes Truly evil criminals
Powers and abilities Karate
Weapons Whip
Fate Escapes Justice usually
Typical Saying "I am Catwoman."

Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, is an anti-heroine in the Batman franchise. A homeless orphan who lived on the Gothan City streets, Catwoman robbed people to survive. Wanting to steal her own way, she learned martial arts and her main weapon was a whip. She loved cats and had them as pets. Catwoman's main crime is stealing, refusing to kill innocent people. Her fighting skills make her a dangerous enemy to Batman, but they both have a slight attraction to each other, even teaming up occasionally. The people Catwoman mainly robs are gangsters and mobsters.


Golden and Silver AgeEdit

Catwoman in the comics claimed to be an amnesic flight attendant who, during a plane crash that she survived, was struck in the head and lost her memory. She eventually reformed and became an ally of Batman until she became a criminal once again. She was absent from then on until 1966.



Catwoman appeared in the 1960's Adam West Batman television series portrayed by Julie Newmar.

Filmation series Edit

DC animated universe Edit

The Batman Edit

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Edit

DC Nation Edit

Batman (1966) Edit

She is portrayed by Lee Meriwether

Batman Returns (1992) Edit

Catwoman is portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer in the 1992 feature film Batman Returns. Re-created by Daniel Waters, the character is based on the Selina Kyle from "Catwoman: Her Sister's Keeper". Annette Bening was originally cast in the role but dropped out due to pregnancy;[71] then Nicole Kidman and Demi Moore both got offered the role but both turned it down. Then, when Pfeiffer expressed an interest, something clicked to the producers thinking "She's perfect. She also could be both Selina Kyle and Catwoman.".[72] This version of Selina Kyle is depicted as the lonely, frustrated, yet dutiful and efficient secretary of corrupt tycoon Maximillian "Max" Shreck. After she accidentally discovers his plot to build a power plant that would steal Gotham's electricity, Shreck attempts to murder her by pushing her out the window of his top-story office. Though her fall is partly broken by several canvas awnings, Selina lies motionless on the snow-covered ground seemingly dead. She is then mysteriously revived by a group of alley cats that flock around her and begin gnawing at her fingers. Making her way home in a daze, Selina's repressed rage transforms her into the clever supervillain Catwoman. After Batman thwarts her schemes, she joins forces with the Penguin to destroy Batman. They frame him for the murder of the Ice Princess and Catwoman rejects the Penguin's advances, prompting him to hook an ascending umbrella to her neck. She breaks free but crashes in a greenhouse but does not die as she has developed nine lives during her transformation. Later, while she and Bruce dance in a ballroom, they recite lines said to one another earlier as Batman and Catwoman, revealing their identities. At the climax of the film, Selina uses a taser from a thug who tried to kill her to kiss Shreck, electrocuting him to death after he shoots her four times. Batman finds Shreck's body but doesn't find Selina's corpse. Right at the end of the film, Bruce Wayne spots her silhouette on a wall and when he leaves, she is seen gazing at the Batsignal, confirming her survival. Pfeiffer's Catwoman derives heavily from the Pre-Crisis Catwoman.[73] Michelle Pfeiffer creates distinctly different voices for Catwoman, with the voice of Selina being softer while the Catwoman voice is deeper and sultry.

Catwoman is briefly mentioned by Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever, the screenplay of which was originally written as a direct sequel of Batman Returns. She states that she has done her homework on Batman, that he likes "strong women", and asks teasingly if "she needs skin-tight vinyl and a whip". Catwoman was to get her own film, where Michelle Pfeiffer was to reprise her role, but the film lingered in development limbo for years, with Ashley Judd snatching the lead role and eventually becoming 2004's critically panned Catwoman starring Hallie Berry and is non-canonical to the series and not in the DC Universe.

Catwoman (2004) Edit

In 2004, the feature film Catwoman was released. Starring Halle Berry, this film's Catwoman bears little resemblance to the comic book version. Berry portrays Patience Phillips an artist and graphics designer, who works for a cosmetics company called Hedare Beauty, which is ready to ship a new skin cream called Beau-Line, that is able to reverse the effects of aging. However, as Patience visits the factory where it is being manufactured, she overhears a discussion between the scientist Dr. Ivan Slavicky (Peter Wingfield) and Laurel Hedare (Sharon Stone), the wife of company owner George Hedare (Lambert Wilson), speaking about the dangerous side effects from continued use of the product. Laurel's minions discover Patience and are ordered to dispose of her. Patience tries to escape using a conduit pipe, but the minions have it sealed and flush Patience out of it, drowning her. Lying washed up on the shore and lifeless, Patience is mysteriously brought back to life by an Egyptian Mau cat, and from that point on develops cat-like abilities and an insatiable desire for vengeance. With the help of a researcher named Ophelia Powers (Frances Conroy), who tells her that Egyptian Mau cats serve as messengers of the goddess Bast, Patience understands that she is becoming a "catwoman" reborn with abilities that are both a blessing and a curse. Wearing a mask to disguise her identity, Patience stalks the night as Catwoman seeking the answers to who killed her and why. Eventually, her search leads her to Laurel Hedare, who murders her husband for his infidelity and frames Catwoman for it, causing her to be taken into custody by the police. Yet, Patience slips out of confinement and confronts Laurel in her office, revealing that Laurel is the one responsible for Patience's death. During the fight, Patience scratches Laurel's face, and Laurel nearly plummets to her death when she falls out of a window, grabbing onto a pipe for dear life. Laurel sees her face in a reflection and horrified, fails to grab hold of Patience's outstretched arm and falls to her death. Though Patience was cleared of any charges made against her regarding the deaths of the Hedares, she chooses to continue living outside the law enjoying her newfound freedom as the mysterious Catwoman.

The movie alludes to other women in the past who have been granted such cat-like abilities, particularly in a scene in which Patience is introduced to a series of photos of prior Catwomen, including Pfeiffer's Batman Returns version of Selina Kyle.

The film's story has nothing to do with Batman or Gotham City, and is considered "Catwoman in name only". It was poorly received by critics and audiences and is commonly listed as one of the worst films ever made.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Edit

Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises.

Anne Hathaway portrays Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises,[74][75] Entertainment Weeklydescribes Selina as an enigma, a wily and witty con artist, as well as a high society grifter. Selina is depicted as a femme fatale antiheroine whose actions often blur ethical lines, similar to her portrayal in the comics.

In the film, Selina is hired by corrupt businessman John Daggett to steal Bruce Wayne's fingerprints in exchange for her criminal record to be expunged via a "Clean Slate" computer program, but Daggett tricks her into believing he has it. These prints are subsequently used by Bane to attack the city stock exchange and bankrupt Bruce with bogus stock trades. She also steals the pearl necklace belonging to Bruce's deceased mother from his safe and leaves having taking a departing congressman hostage. When meeting with John Daggett's assistant Philip Stryver, Selena has the congressman with her as she demands the "Clean Slate" that John Daggett promised her, she is betrayed by Philip Stryver and the police raid the meeting. Selena escapes while the wounded congressman is rescued. After leading Batman, Wayne's alter ego, to Bane's trap without realizing that they are the same person, she attempts to flee Gotham, fearing that Bane and his men will eventually kill her. She is arrested by John Blake who interrogates her on where Bruce Wayne is and mentions that the rescued congressman is pressing charges. and taken to Blackgate Prison to await trial. She is subsequently released during Bane's coup d'etat. Although she hoped for the ensuing chaos, she later regrets it. When Bruce returns to Gotham and offers her the "Clean Slate" after she saved a kid from two thugs, she aids Batman and his allies in liberating Gotham City from the League of Shadows. With Selena's help, Bruce was able to rescue Lucius Fox. Using the Bat-Cycle, Selena destroys the blockade at the tunnel leading out of Gotham City. During the battle, Selena manages to use the Bat-Cycle to shoot Bane and helped Batman destroy Talia al Ghul's convoy. At the end of the movie, Bruce leaves the mantle of Batman behind and enters a relationship with Selina. She is never referred to as "Catwoman" in the film, although she does receive the moniker in relatedThe Dark Knight Rises collectibles and books. Instead, emphasis is made upon her profession as a "cat" burglar in headlines shown in the film; also, her safecracking goggles resemble cat ears when not in use.

Film (animated) Edit

  • A Crime Syndicate of America version of Catwoman named She-Bat briefly appeared as one of Superwoman's henchmen in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. She-Bat is a cross between her and Man-Bat.
  • Eliza Dushku voices Catwoman in Batman: Year One.[76] The DVD and Blu-ray release also features a short film DC Showcase: Catwoman, again with Dushku providing the voice of Selina.
  • Selina Kyle appears in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pt. 2 voiced by Tress MacNeille.

Video games Edit

  • Catwoman appears as a boss in the 1993 Batman Returns game based on Tim Burton's 1992 film.
  • In the 1999 side-scroller Catwoman video game by Kemco, Catwoman is hired by Talia al Ghul to steal an ancient crystal skull from the Gotham City Museum. Talia's father Ra's al Ghul wants to use the skull to create a powerful weapon that will be capable of destroying an entire city.
  • The Patience Phillips version of Catwoman appears in the Catwoman video game (a tie-in to 2004's Catwoman feature film) voiced by Jennifer Hale.[77]
  • Catwoman appears in Lego Batman: The Video Game voiced by Vanessa Marshall. She appears as an enemy of Batman and a 1st deputy of the Penguin. She tried to get the Penguin to steal a jewel and was defeated by Batman, but not before sharing a kiss with him, which Robin found disgusting. She later escaped jail and told Penguin to build a machine, but they were again defeated. She then kissed Batman again, flipped backwards, and went home to Arkham. She is shown as being very cat-like and proficient with a whip, as demonstrated when she snatches a fish from the Penguin's plate.
  • Catwoman appears as a fighter in the crossover fighting game Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe played by Brenda Barrie and voiced by P. J. Mattson. She is classified as a villain in the game. Her first fatality has her wrapping her whip around her opponent's throat and dragging them to the ground where she then jumps on their back and pulls back on the whip breaking their neck, whilst her second fatality has her claw out her victims eyes before hurling them to the ground. Though her role in the game is small, her story begins as she is approached by the Flash after stealing from the Gotham Museum. Though he defeats her in combat, she reclaims her "purr"-loined jewel after an intervention from Kano, and whilst she makes her escape she gets pulled into a portal that teleports her to the Special Forces base in the Mortal Kombat universe. Here, she finds Sonya Blade, her counterpart, and requests to use the base's portal to return to Gotham. Sonya defeats her in battle however, and locks her away in a cell. She is eventually set free when Lex Luthor is also captured, and they aid each other in escaping. The two form an alliance, approaching both Deathstroke and the Joker and recruiting them for the battle against the invading warriors. With their help, she assists Batman and his allies in the battle against Dark Khan. In the battle between the DC heroes and villains and the Mortal Kombat warriors, she defeats Sonya before getting defeated as well. Her game ending features her returning to Gotham City and discovering that due to the magical essence of the worlds merging, she now has the ability to transform into a black panther at will, enhancing her speed and strength. She uses these newfound powers to ensure she will never again be caged.
  • While Catwoman does not appear in Batman: Arkham Asylum, parts of her costume are found on display inside the asylum's old mansion and scanning them to solve one of Riddler's riddles will unlock her bio. She is also referenced by the Joker addressing a crate of Venom to the character as a gift, and appears on a list of Arkham inmates liberated by Harley Quinn.
  • Catwoman appears in Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame voiced again by Nika Futterman. In the game, she teams up with Catman to steal an ancient artifact and turn all of the police into cats, in order to terrorize the city easier. When the pair believe they have killed Batman and Robin, Catwoman feels guilty and misses Batman. When they terrorize Wayne Manor, the Dynamic Duo appear to stop them, much to her joy.
  • Catwoman appears in DC Universe Online voiced by Kelley Huston. She is classified as a villain and is seen as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains, although her main plot is considered heroic and far from villainy. Catwoman plots to steal the jeweled cat relics from Gotham University. She then forces the players to get the Cat's Eye Diamonds back in their rightful place in order to prevent all of Gotham City from becoming a "wild kingdom" since they are turning people into cat-like creatures. Once the players obtain the Cat's Eye Diamonds from the Cat Avatars Tiger Eye, Cheetah Claw, Lion-Mane, and Panther Fang, Catwoman activates the relics causing the spirits of the Cat Avatars to take control Catwoman into attacking the players when they did not want to end up under her control. The players had to fight her nine times in battle while the Cat Avatars try to summon their minions to also fight the players. Once Catwoman is defeated, the relics disappear as Catwoman is displeased that the "alien relics" possessed her. Catwoman tells the players that the next time they meet, she owes them one of her nine lives.
  • Catwoman appears in Batman: Arkham City voiced by Grey DeLisle. A playable character, she has a unique range of different animations and abilities. Selina Kyle is originally captured by Two-Face intending to have her tried before akangaroo court for pillaging his hideout. After being rescued by Batman, she attempts to locate stolen articles which were seized by the authorities upon her arrest. Catwoman, with the reluctant aid of Poison Ivy, eventually pilfers her loot from Hugo Strange's heavily guarded vault, but sacrifices a chance to escape Arkham City in order to save Batman from the destruction of Joker's base. She returns at the end of the game, who looks at Batman carrying the Joker's dead body. The character's storyline, which culminates in a final showdown with Two-Face at an old natural history museum, has been estimated to be approximately ten percent of the Arkham City content.
  • Catwoman appears in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes voiced by Katherine Von Till. She is among the inmates freed when Lex Luthor frees Joker from Arkham Asylum.
  • Catwoman appears as a playable fighter in Injustice: Gods Among Us[78]  as well as Injustice 2, Grey DeLisle reprises her role from Batman: Arkham City.[79] She is classified as a villain in the game. At the game's beginning, she is seen fighting the Justice League alongside the other villains but are eventually arrested with them. In the alternate reality, Catwoman is allied with Superman's faction of ruthless heroes. She engages the Justice League's Cyborg at the Hall of Justice where there was a mentioning that the Regime's Cyborg went out with Catwoman. In her fight with Batman at Stryker's Island, Catwoman claimed that she joined up with Superman's Regime to protect Batman, but Batman rejects her when she reveals this as other heroes have been sacrificed by her actions, defeating her in combat before going on to rescue his other self. In Catwoman's ending, Catwoman resolves to fight crime in the newly-rebuilt Gotham City until she can reconcile with Batman. In her Injustice 2 ending, she marries Batman but then gets a divorce because she got too bored.
  • Catwoman appears as the main antagonist in Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, voiced again by Grey DeLisle.
  • Catwoman appears as a playable character in Infinite Crisis, voiced by Grey DeLisle.[80]

Miscellaneous Edit

  • In the comic series The Batman Adventures, Selina is featured in issue #10; in the back up story she breaks into a vault at the Wayne Manor during Bruce's New Year's Ball. After she has left the scene, Bruce tells Robin and Alfred that he felt betrayed, stating that he was the only one of Gotham's high society not to shun her after she was unmasked. He is reassured of her friendship, however, when he finds she has stolen nothing and has left him a card stating her New Year's resolution is to stay on the right side of the law. After Robin questions her sincerity, Bruce states that he believes she will keep her promise.
  • Catwoman is portrayed by Denise Donovan in the web-musical Holy Musical B@man!.

Parodies Edit

  • In the Tiny Toon Adventures episode "Inside Plucky Duck," a cartoon called "Bat's All Folks" parodied Catwoman as Polecatwoman.
  • Eleanor Abernathy dresses as Catwoman in the 2013 Simpsons episode Dark Knight Court.

Radio Edit

  • Catwoman, voiced by Lorelei King, appeared in the Batman radio drama The Lazarus Syndrome (1989)


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