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Catherine Tramell is the main antagonist of the films Basic Instinct.

She is portrayed by Sharon Stone.


Basic Instinct

Tramell was born in 1960, after her parents died on a boat in 1979, which left her rich with a $ 110 million inheritance. She does several novels, one of them is ''The First Time'', about a boy who kills his parents, to see if she gets away with it and it is implied that she caused the accident itself, although not confirmed. She then became a psychologist and writer at UC Berkeley, granduating in magna cum laude in 1983. And during her years studying at college, her advisor, Professor. Noah Goldstein was murdered with an ice pick, giving her an idea of their romance in Love Hurts.

Then at the time, she had a relationship with her psychology student, Lisa Hoberman (who was renamed Elizabeth Garner). She also had an affair with a boxer named Manuel ''Manny'' Vasquez, who was killed in 1984 during a boxing match in Atlantic City. In addition, Tramell has a habit of making friends with murderers like an elderly woman named Hazel Dobkins who killed her children and husband for no apparent reason, or Roxy his lesbian lover who killed her two younger brothers with a razor.

Then when the rock star named Johnny Boz is brutally killed with an ice pick. The homicide detective named Nick Curran begins to investigate the case, and finds Catherine and her lesbian lover, Roxy together. Curran interrogates her and she shows little emotion in Boz's death in which she had made a romance about him, Catherine provokes the police during an interrogation in a very perverse way. Although Curran has endeavored to arrest Catherine he cannot. And in the end she looks for her ice pick.

Basic Instinct 2

Now with its history, located in London. Catherine appears at high speed along with her famous companion English football star named Kevin Franks. She then takes the man's hand and masturbates and causes an accident. After that, while she is interrogated by Detective Supt. Roy Washburn investigates the car accident, and after that Catherine has a therapy session with a psychiatrist named Dr. Michael Glass ordered by the court. Tramell manipulates him seductively, although he suspected she was a sociopath. 

He ends up killing people, and his name in her novel is Dr. Gardosh, after which Glass is arrested, she visits him at the psychiatric hospital. And he says he learned from her about his romance about a man very much like him. However, Tramell claims that she manipulated him into committing all those murders for sheer fun. After that, Tramell leaves with an evil smile, while Glass remains seated in a wheelchair, frustrated and angry.


During her interview with Dr. Michael Glass, she was shown to have a feeling of omnipontence and divinity. She also showed to have a very seductive and perverse behavior, besides showing herself to be narcissistic, arrogant, sadistic, lustful and psychopathic.


  • She is one of the few antagonists that no punishment goes to her, while the others have either been arrested or killed.