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Though many villains lack redeeming qualities, they may not have always started out this way. Some may have been heroes in the past, or some may have possessed benevolent or positive traits. However, these types of Pure Evils will always shed these redeeming traits, and ultimately be devoid of them. These types of Pure Evils can be described as Wholly Debased, as they have changed for the worse and chosen a path bereft of any good. They may not have started out as heroes, but they certainly have become worse villains.

Please do not add Pure Evils here who have only faked redeeming qualities. Those villains should go under Charismatic, Faux Affably Evil, Remorse Fakers and/or Liars. This category is only for villains who once had genuine redeeming qualities but ended up subverting them.

Their Pure Good equivalent is Wholly Reformed. See also the Debased category, which is about non-PE-villains who end up subverting their redeeming qualities.

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