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Undead are generally reanimated corpses or spiritual manifestations but come in countless varieties and are mostly evil in fiction. They are opposed to the Revived that have been brought back to life and restored to their original forms. However, some can be both as they overlap.

Undead beings include:

  • Noncorporeals: Spirits roaming the living world after violent and/or untimely deaths. Their purposes are usually to haunt their enemies and seek vengeance on them; for more information read the ghostly criteria.
  • Zombies: Living corpses created via Magic, science and/or being bitten by other zombies. To survive they eat the brains and other organs of living beings (e.g. Zombies, Creeper, Colonel America).
  • Skeletons: The representation of the human body's innermost structure. Similar to Zombies they can reattach body parts. They are also associated with the Day of the Dead.
  • Vampires: These bloodsuckers have pale skin, sharp teeth and also possess superhuman abilities. They do not appear in or have reflections. They can killed by garlic, bright lights or a wooden stake to the heart (e.g. Count Dracula, Count Orlok, Volturi).
  • Mummies: Similar to zombies and skeletons but having been subjected to mummification by removing their intestines and wrapping them in bandages. Mostly associated with ancient Egypt.
  • Liches: Individuals who become undead creatures in their desires to obtain immortality and usually the one responsible for the Undead's existence. They are usually depicted as cloaked and hooded horned skeletons (e.g. the Lich, Horned King, Skeletor, Imhotep).

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