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So it came to pass, that the human race fell... and the Earth was no more. And I looked down upon my new dominion, as Master of all. And I thought it... good.
~ The Master, after he is successful in subjugating Earth.

Antagonists who win against the hero and/or are successful in their ultimate goals (ie. Scar finally becoming the King of the Pride Lands after killing his brother and banishing his nephew, and Helmut Zemo tearing apart the Avengers to avenge his family's demise caused by one of the Avengers' battles). It should be noted that for some, the goal wasn't to kill the main protagonist. Notably, successful antagonists are very common in many modern day horror movies (e.g. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, GodzillaKayako Saeki, etc.) as well as some tragic fictional works (e.g. Padre Damaso, Iago, etc.) in which many of these antagonists succeded in killing the protagonist in the end. Sometimes, a successful antagonist can be a Protagonist Villain since protagonists are known for winning in the end.

Though these two categories can overlap, this is not to be confused with Karma Houdini, as this antagonist, despite his/her success, can still be defeated later, usually at the end of the story if his/her success occurred at the beginning or middle of it, or in a sequel since some villain victories open the doors for sequels.

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