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This is a list of antagonists who feel bad for what they have done but have not yet necessarily turned good. Their remorse can sometimes lead to their redemption, however Redeemed Villains can not be remorseful as they have been forgiven and are no longer evil.


Remorseful antagonists are never Pure Evil. As those who any remorse at all, they do not count as Pure Evil.

Also do not add Redeemed Villains to this page as Redeemed Villains are no longer evil. If a remorseful villain does get redeemed, please remove this category from the said characters article.

Also do not add these following villains to this category, even if they are not Pure Evil.

  1. Those who pretend to to apologize to their foes in order to led their guard down and kill them: These should fall under Cowards instead. (Example: Dr. Eggman pretends to apologize to Sonic The Hedgehog in Sonic Unleashed, but then Sonic realizes it's a trap and turns into a werehog.)
  2. Villains who give a sarcastic apology to their foes: They should fall under Faux Affably Evil instead.

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