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~ Alex Mercer to Ian Taggart.

The One-Man Army is the direct opposite of the Non-Action Antagonist, the Weakling, and the Coward. These are antagonists powerful enough to take on and either defeat or seriously threaten large groups of enemies WITHOUT the aid of minions, henchmen or war-machines. Similar to Rogue Antagonists.

To qualify for this category an antagonist MUST of been shown defeating a great many opponents in a small scale of time, without relying on aid from anyone other than themselves. The required number of foes to defeat in order to qualify is usually 4 or more opponents.

Some antagonists do have large armies or followings but are still valid for this category providing they have been shown as powerful enough to fight against multiple opponents at once without much problem - this is a very common trait of super-antagonists, cosmic entities and action-movie villains.

NOTE: Despite what the title says, female antagonists can also apply to this category.

Best Examples

  • Pure Strength: Most common sub-division of this archetype. The antagonist uses primarily muscle to defeat multiple opponents. These antagonists usually go hand-in-hand with the ability of pain resistance (but not all do). The Juggernaut and Tai Lung embody this sub-type.
  • Superhuman Qualities: Similar to pure strength as most have superhuman strength, however can use other powers and do not per say need strength. They may use magic, telekinesis, energy manipulation, etc to fight their foes. Frieza and Alex Mercer are good examples of this.
  • Strategy: Perhaps the least seen of this archetype. They don't have superhuman properties (albeit having above average properties), but rather make up for it by being able to completely plan a battle ahead of time (such as using explosives at certain points of a fight that can turn the tide of battle for the antagonist). Villains like Lord Recluse or The Joker from the Dark Knight are the preferred models of these types of antagonists.

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