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Villains or antagonists who utilize magical powers and/or skills. These villains have various monikers includes: Casters, Conjurers (sometimes spelled "Conjurors"), Enchanters, Enchantresses, Magicians, Occultists, Spellcasters, Warlocks, Witches and Wizards. However, it must be noted that how these villains gained or utilized the magic varies:

  • Wizards/Witches/Warlocks: Villainous Witches(which is mainly female equivalent of Warlocks and Wizards), Warlocks, and Wizards gained the ability to use magic mostly through extensive studies on magical writings and spellbooks. While any spell will do to prepare for their acts of villainy, in cases of Warlocks and some Witches, they prefers dark/demonic magic as their primary sorcerous power of choice.
  • Sorcerers/Sorceresses: Villainous Sorcerers and their female equivalent Sorceress mostly have the innate talent for magic rather than studied. It means they already have mastered some spells prior to their sorcery-related educations. The example would be Lord Voldemort whom just like his nemesis Harry Potter, turned out has mastered his innate magical powers to small degree when he was young before met Dumbledore.
  • Enchanters/Enchantress: Villainous Enchanters and Enchantress's magical power of choice was rendered something/someone under a spell.

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