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A Knight of Cerebus is a type of character who appears in light hearted media where there is usually comical or incompetent antagonists. However, the Knight of Cerebus is taken completely seriously.

For an antagonist qualify in this category, the antagonist should provide situations that are very serious or threatening than any other antagonists that has appeared in a film, book, TV Show, or a video game, and having the presence to do evil that's usually not meant to be funny.

Good examples for this are the Joker from Batman, the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World, Sir Miles Axlerod from Cars 2, and Madame Gasket from Robots,.

  • IMPORTANT: This type of antagonist is not always necessary to be a one-shot antagonist, as it can also be applied in recurring antagonists in special episodes noticed in a much more serious way than how you're used to (It often occurs when a character undergoes a personality change that is called "flanderization".) A Knight of Cerebus is a dark character in a setting where it normally doesn't make sense (for example, a crazy killer in MLP) - not simply a "dark antagonist".
  • NOTE: Just because they're a Knight of Cerebus doesn't mean they can't be comedic. As long as they are serious and threatening enough to set a sinister tone, they can also have humorous moments.

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