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These villains are not actually evil, but lash out to assert themselves and find their place. They are similar to the tragic villains, but the defining characteristics of an insecure villain is that they are lying to both themselves and others. Alternatively they might act in a deranged and/or homicidal manner due to severe pain inflicted upon them and can sometimes be victims of abuse or neglect. Furthermore, not all insecure villains are tragic in nature. Some use their lack of confidence as an excuse to lash out or make themselves look like more of a victim than they are. The same applies to villains who bring any poor treatment they experience onto themselves.

Usually, these villains just need those who understand them or acceptance, yet it is also common for insecure villains to be too far gone and too absorbed in their own troubles to want or accept help. In some cases, they can be psychopaths if their insecurities prevent them from feeling genuine empathy for others

Villains who are Pure Evil can NEVER be in this category, because these villains are truly evil and never seek to make up for their evil actions or negative traits nor do they seek anything positive (e.g. love, friendship, acceptance) from any possible pain they had suffered, the same applies to villains who lack insecurity, even if they are not Pure Evil.

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