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This category is for antagonists who fall in love with someone, whether it be a protagonist/hero, a neutral character, or another villain. The other character DOES NOT have to love the villain back for the villain to qualify.

Some In Love villains can also be redeemed.

A Pure Evil villain can never be added to this category as they cannot feel genuine love for anyone (the only exception being for themselves), only obsession, egotism or lust.


  • This category is ONLY for villains who TRULY fell in love with someone. Villains faking falling in love with someone (typically for greedy reasons or as a way of manipulation) or possessive egotists should not be added here (e.g. Claude Frollo), even if they are not Pure Evil.
  • In order for a villain to count for this category, they MUST have a romantic love for someone. Villains who only love the people that they are supposed to care about (their family, friends, etc.) but don't feel love for anyone else do not qualify.

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