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Elemental Villains, also called Elementals are villains who can either command the elements of nature, are formed of said elements or are empowered by them. The types of Elemental Villains include but are not limited to, among many others:

Aciukinetic Villains have the ability to change or otherwise enhance or decrease the sharpness of objects. In most cases, villains with this ability use it to make their own weapons sharper, their enemies' weapons duller, create new weapons by making objects lethally sharp or change the sharpness of potions of their body; this may overlap with Ferrokinetic Villains and Biokinetic Villains.Examples are Freddy Krueger, Alice Angel, and Judge Doom.

Aerokinetic Villains have the ability to control the element of wind and air. Some can also become one with the air, and some can use speed to manipulate the wind around them. Some may also have the ability to manipulate the weather as well.Example are Xaldin and Azathoth.

Aquakinetic Villains use the element of water as a weapon. They have the power to generate and/or manipulate water, and some have the ability to become water.Example are Ursula, Foxy and Chaos.

  • Some or otherwise all Aquakinetic Villains can be classified as Cryokinetic Villains like the classic Snow Queen, Vexen, Ice Queen, Ice Titan, Killer Frost and Esdeath, who can use ice and/or snow-based powers, since both are frozen water, and some Aquakinetic Villains can additionally manipulate and freeze water, turning it into ice.
  • Atmokinetic Villains are villains who possess the ability to control the weather Like Storm King and Wind Titan.
  • Bibliokinetic Villains are villains with the power to manipulate books, manuscript pages, and text paper. They can be like invisible hands that change the words on the paper.Examples are Lord Voldemort,Jafar, Demigra,and Towa.
  • Bio-Manipulators can shape and manipulate their bodies in ways that, while impossible, are not necessarily shapeshifting (though it can overlap); for example, they may be able to use their hair, skin, fat, muscles, blood, or bones as weapons and/or defenses.Examples are Blob,Cell, Super Buu, Sedusa from The PowerPuff Girls.
  • Blood Magicians are villains are skilled in blood magic and can manipulate blood. In their hands, blood can be boiled, burned, frozen, and/or used as raw materials to make blood creatures or function as healing medicines. This particular type of bio-manipulation may overlap with Hydrokinetic Villains, as blood is 92% water.Example are Springtrap.
  • Masters of DisguiseCopycats or Impostors are those who mimic others in a certain way, be it by shapeshifting.Examples are Bill Cipher,William Afton and Zamasu. by naturally looking extremely similar to another person, typically a hero, ex: NegaDuck, Dark Danny and Constantine, by having the ability to mimic the voices of others, ex: Iago and Amazing Rope Guy, or by using actual disguises to look like someone else, ex: Robbie Rotten, Balthazar Bratt and Chameleon.
  • Benzinikinetic Villains use Poison. Example are Frost.
  • Electrokinetic Villains are villains that use electricity as a weapon. They may have the powers to generate and/or manipulate electricity and some have the ability to become electricity. Examples are Count Dooku, Larxene,and Palpatine.
  • villains who can manipulate or control darkness or shadows; this overlaps with Umbrakinetic Villains. Examples are Nightmare,King Sombra,Oogie Boogie,and Ganondorf.
  • Ferrokinetic Villains are villains that control Magnet.Example are Magneto and Darth Vader.
  • Pyrokinetic Villains are villlains that control fire.Example is Hades, Fire Titan,Hexxus, Thrax,and Frollo.

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