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Villains whose approximate Character Alignment is Chaotic Neutral, known as the "Free Spirit" alignment. It is the darker counterpart of Chaotic Neutral heroes, although Chaotic Neutral characters often belong to the Grey Zone.

These characters are wild, unpredictable, go every which way, and often follow their own personal code without a care for others (though they may sometimes care about others); they are often selfish and the only thing predictable about them is their unpredictable nature. However, these characters are more willing to do harm or murder than their heroic counterparts.

They differ from Chaotic Evil characters as they do not actively seek to destroy the natural order or cause misery around them as a Chaotic Evil would, even though they are unconcerned with questions of morality.

Chaotic Neutral include:

  • Delusional - They likes Bloods Luke Dare demon and Lunatics. Their like Outright and are often Bloodthirsty.
  • Vigilantes who violently punish criminals and use methods such as kidnappings or murders, regardless of the law or of the risk of unfairly punishing innocents. The Punisher is a well-known example. However, these characters are rather Lawful Neutral if they belong to a corrupted system, or uphold standards of such system.
  • Extremely dimwitted characters who cause harm to others or destroy things without realizing the gravity of their deeds. Beavis and Butt-head are an example.
  • Thieves who are only for themselves but can assist the heroes and/or be heroic as well (usually with the intend of being rewarded). Bendy is perhaps one of the most infamous example of this.
  • On & Off assassins in an Evil Vs. Evil scenario who murder others villains, and sometimes fight alongside the heroes, if they do not assume that role. Deadpool is a popular example of this.
  • Protective characters or parents who are willing to do anything to protect someone they care about, even if this involve theft, burglar, murder, destruction of property, and so on.
  • Predators who are seeking their preys.
  • Mischievous characters who mostly plays pranks and are not so evil or not meant to be taken too seriously, except if they commit crimes that goes beyond the regular mischief such as murder or torture.
  • Well-intentionned extremists who use villainous methods to achieve their ends, but fight for the greater good.

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