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This Villains who are Easily insane. They Were similar to Giants who are known since 7 Feet Tall or 6 Feet Taller/Tallest, Delusional who creates Bloods to Spread with Crazy Villains and Reluctant Villains, and Psychopaths who Sociotics and Cruelty their Animals.

These Villains have Their Stupid Mythology and Monstrous Bullies to Hates their Natures. They have Madness, Rasisms who uses Their B**ls**t Languages and having Their Affable. They Wrestles, Assaults and Punches Their Rivals with Respects to Kills of of the F**k**g Countries.

Not to be mentioned about Their Male's Feemale Counterparts, Dark Magical Girls and Princess Barbarians. These Villains can be friends with Supervillains and it is the Evil Counterparts of Warriors.

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