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Affably Evil are villains, who are genuinely kind, polite and friendly, despite being villains. This means that they can feel pity and compassion and speak honestly, friendly and politely with a hero. And their friendly and considerate nature often comes as a surprise to heroes and also viewer.

To be genuinely Affably Evil, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The affable nature is not an obvious facade that the villain only maintaining to manipulate others. Affably Evil are the villains that are really nice and kind.
  2. There is a difference between Affably Evil and Faux Affably Evil. The latter is a villain who sounds politely but would clearly throw you in front of a bus without a second thought. For a villain to be Affably Evil, they must not be needless to the lives as well being of others.
  3. Affably Evil villains are usually only willing to hurt and kill people who actually get in their way and to everyone else they are perfectly nice and amiable person. Faux Affably Evil does not show that kind of empathy and therefore their sounding polite but not acting it simply highlights their evil rather than downplay it.
  4. Affably Evil villains have lines they won't cross. A Faux Affably Evil villain can easily act polite but still blow up planets or kill children as a lifestyle.
  5. These type of villains is not pure evil or hatred and will most likely have their limits of how far their evil doings go.

Complete monsters never can qualify, because this villains are not genuinely polite and friendly to anyone. But Complete monsters can be and is very often Faux Affably Evil.

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