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Catarina is the main antagonist of the Brazilian Soap Opera 0f 2018 called God Save the King or translated as (Deus Salve o Rei). She is a tragic villain who after her evil deeds had her end with the execution. She was portrayed by Bruna Marquezine.


Catarina is the daughter of a witch named Brice, she was adopted by the king of Artena, Augusto, however she conspired to remove the throne from her father Augusto after Constatino was arrested for his crimes and the abduction of his lover Catarina. She already married Rodolfo more after she realized that Rodolfo's brother was a boring and disgsting boy and she abandoned him. After Otavio took the throne from Artena and had Catarina as his queen, however, Catarina did not think twice before getting rid of him. After the death of Otavio, Catarina soon planned to marry Alfonso, she discovers that she is the daughter of a witch named Brice, however her reign of evil comes to an end when she is simply unmasked by Alfonso and arrested and sentenced to execution, she asks Brice to try to kill Alfonso and prevent his execution, Brice then has Luciola a compliment of Catherine more after a mysterious way Brice can not continue to possess it and dies, Catherine then says not regret and that would do everything from new, and she dies hanged on the gallows.


Catarina, she was a gentle and kind woman, but all this was a facade, and afterwards she began to be narcissistic, psychopathic, sadistic, cruel, arrogant and tyrannical. Although he has a manipulative and selfish nature she has even demonstrated to have a certain empathy towards her mother Brice, and in end to her adopted Augusto even after she after executed.