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I'm not Cat Noir anymore. I'm Cat Blanc
~ Cat Blanc's last words

Cat Blanc is Cat Noir's first akumatized form in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir who serves as the main antagonist of the titular episode of the same name. When he saw his sleeping mother in the coffin, he is conflicted with helping Ladybug and his mother. This overwhelming situation caused him to destroy everything and everyone around him, even his true love Ladybug. But even when feeling a lot of pain, he tried to take her Miraculous.


Cat Blanc looks like Cat Noir, except that his catsuit is completely white, including the bell and the cat ears. His hair, despite still being longer and untamed, is also white, his eyes posses white irises and blue sclera.


As Cat Blanc, he retains most of his personality as Cat Noir, but in a more twisted way. His flirtatious behavior is used as a facade to get close to his opponents so he can attack them. His love for Ladybug had become more obsessive and, while still showing to care for her, he still tries to take her Miraculous, even if that means destroying her. His temper becomes even more intense, as he tried to destroy the whole galaxy, if not more, in anger for Ladybug not giving him her Miraculous. Also, he started to act like his father when he was Hawk Moth, having his heart go twisted by sadness, despair, and was desperate to get what he wanted despite the price. Also similar like him, Adrien seemed to overlook easier solutions to fixing a problem as he tried to use the Ultimate Power to change everything back but he forgot that Ladybug's powers can fix everything without putting the universe at risk.

Powers and Abilities

  • Infinite destruction - this power is actually Cat Noir's Cataclysm, but worse. It destroyed the entire city of Paris, along with everybody in it. It also came in the form of a sphere of white energy instead of black.
    • Cataclysm Sphere
    • Mega Cataclysm
  • Enhanced reflexes


  • Love - his love for Ladybug stopped him for good.


When Cat Blanc was created, he was reluctant to destroy Ladybug.


An eraser? I'd like to erase the past too, but there's only one way to do that. You know that by merging our Miraculous together, we'd be granted one wish, right? Any wish we wanted. Well, my wish would be to fix everything, so we could be in love again. And have a hamster, too. You've always dreamed of having one. We'll call it...
~ Attempt to manipulate Ladybug
You're not even listening. You don't understand.
~ Cat Blanc before sending Ladybug to see everything and everyone that was destroyed


  • Being a protagonist, this is the saddest akumatization out of all.
  • This is one of the times he has been turned against Ladybug, but at its highest peak.
  • When Hawk Moth turned Adrien Agreste (a.k.a Cat Noir) into Cat Blanc, this is likely the only time he came very close to actually being evil, however the corrupted butterfly went into his bell. When Hawk Moth showed Cat Noir his mother in her coffin, he was angered and ran up to him, asking "Why" four times. After Hawk Moth hit him to the Eiffel tower, he deliberately Akumatized his own son by distressing him in order to do so, however Cat Noir, now Cat Blanc was overwhelmed and ended up accidentally killing everyone until Ladybug and Bunnyx entered his timeline months after.
  • After Cat Blanc is deakumatized, Ladybug tells Cat Noir she made a mistake, however he redeems himself by waiting for Ladybug to fix everything as she says "I'm going to fix everything Cat Noir, I promise.", and heads back to Bunnyx's burrow.
  • This isn't the first time Cat Noir has turned evil because of a villain. There have been other times when he was corrupted against his will:


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