Catherine "Cat" Adams, a.k.a. "Miss .45" and "The Black Widow Killer", is a misandristic, psychopathic, narcissistic, and international prolific serial killer, hitwoman, and later proxy killer who first appears in Season Eleven of Criminal Minds. She later reappears as the secondary antagonist in Season Twelve as the mastermind in a vendetta against Spencer Reid. She returns again in Season Fifteen for a final confrontation with Reid and the BAU.

Personality Edit

Cat is a charismatic and extremely manipulative woman who thrives from psychological seduction and was prone to commonly target men

Biography Edit

As a child Cat was repeatedly abused by her father, Daniel Adams, and more Cat left because of the death of her mother, Layla. She was later sent for adoption that was adopted by her adoptive father, who abused her, she then killed her adoptive father as revenge. In 1987, Daniel was released and left the United States shortly thereafter. Soon after, Cat searched for him around the world to kill him for revenge. Yet when she can not do this she then channels her anger toward the other men who remembered her father. 

Cat later entered an online network of assassins and became a member, she later became acquainted with Miss 45,and developed tedious psychopathic, she then began to kill her clients who after having done the hassle of eliminating the wives she would kill your customers that reminded your father.  

Season 11 Edit

Entropy Edit

Hedonistic killer cat adams
Cat appears for the first time and meets Reid in disguise at Henry & Gleen's Grill Bar. As the two sit down, Cat asks Reid about his wife and how long he is married that Reid answers for four years. Cat then asks Reid to show him what he does. Soon after, Rossi and JJ appear in the restaurant and she obeys the two. Cat later realizes that Reid is not married and says that his ring is new and that is fact he is not married and that known that Garcia is listening through the microphone hidden in the tie of Reid and she greets Garcia, she later takes a weapon and points to Reid under the table and says she did not join BAU because they got into hers. She then says that she knows JJ is there and wants her to leave. Soon after Cat expresses his plan his knowledge to the BAU and that the police are waiting.

After Reid rolled up talking as he found her and the other two members of the network are dead Zac Rubenis and Barry Plyman, then Cat asks why he took a break from work that he does not answer about when Rossi approaches, Cat then turns off the microphone and says he's going to kill Rossi, but he says Rossi is there to help his mother who is a schizophrenic and that he went downtown to help her.

However, Cat does not believe her story and believes that Reid is hiding something, she later says that Reid has a few minutes and that she has taken the other agents in the restaurants, but she does not know that Lewis and Morgan are there. After the stopwatch runs out she says why he would sit her down for thyrty minutes, Reid then says that Cat is packing more Cat says Reid does not know her, then Cat reveals she has a partner, who then Lewis and Morgan get her then Reid manages to fool Cat by saying that her father is alive when she goes there she sees that she was deceived and goes to prison.

Season 12 Edit

Green Light Edit

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It was revealed that when Cat was arrested at Mount Pleasant Women's Corrrectional Facility, she had to stay in a solitary confinement for six months, which left her unbalanced. A year later Cat somehow got in touch with Lindsey Vaughn and along with a prison guard named Lionel Wilkins, put together a plan to incriminate Reid. They soon discovered about Peter Lewis, and used M.O. to the plan, when Lindsey kidnapped Reid's mother, Diana, the BAU then soon invades the double house that resembles Lindsey and Peter, they soon find an IPad that shows Cat that simply starts insulting and she demands that Reid will visit her in prison, because it was he who arrested her. Soon after Reid and JJ go to the prison to visit Cat, which she then smiled and called him Spencie.

Red Light Edit

Reid soon demands that Cat tell him where Diana who is Reid's mother is, Cat then interrupts him by saying that he treats her like a criminal, and that they will play the game her way, she then kicks a chair for Reid sitting down, Cat asks him if he liked the prison, and he says no, Cat then asks him why he didn't go crazy, after that Cat asks him to close his eyes as if she were the first woman he seeing after leaving prison that he ends up seeing a fantasy world with Cat, she soon tells if he doesn't want to kill her or hurt her that Reid says no and then Cat says we'll play another game and Cat alone, then Spencer asks if it's going to be the same game to ask the questions and that Spencer may ask what he want and he only has a guess and if he wins Cat wrath tells Lindsey released Reid's mom, and Cat tells Spencer he has 4 hours. After a while, Reid said she knew the secret, and that after she was arrested she studied Reid and manipulated him by incriminating him, treating her as a criminal just to prove that Cat and Reid are the same, after she bored says she understands nothing, Spencer soon tells us that psychopaths got in easily, after that Cat asks him what pain he would invest, she soon mentions mentor and agent Jason Gideon, Reid then says no because he says how about Agent Derek Morgan and his fault for not visiting his son, Spencer then says he was in prison, Cat then asks him that he had time and why he didn't go, Spencer soon tells him that he was distraught trying to help his own mother, and then Spencer says he would have no shame in admitting it and that Morgan would have. Spencer then asks Cat what he didn't admit to, he then talks about love for yours so then he realizes for Cat, then Cat denies that, Cat then says she gave Reid a clue and she soon says she's pregnant leaving Reid shocked with such information, Reid then refuses to believe that his son is because Cat is in jail, Cat tells Reid to asks him how he had the baby, Cat then says he sent Lindsey damn him and that he gave instructions to pretend to be Maeve Donovan. Reid's ancient girlfriend, she then teases him by saying the worlds Maeve said to Spencer. Then Spencer says if his son is his soonerm he tells Cat that he could take her child and that he would lose the interest of child as a child would lose interest in the hambster, and that the child only has a purpose that would be to keep him still in the game, and that Reid says that his mother is dead, but Cat soon denies that she still not dead, Spencer soon leaves and infuriates Cat and she then decides to let him talk to Lindsey.

Cat then calls Lindsey and she says Cat called early, Lindsey then says that if he has come, Cat then says she has to prove her life, that Lindsey soon shows Reid's mother screaming, and Reid picks up the cell from Cat hands Lindsey then shoots the car and drives away, after that Spencer gets enraged with Cat and asks what that Lindsey said he called early, and Reid says it was a signal to kill Spencer's mother, and Cat soon says not knowing, Spencer then demands to know the truth, Cat teases him saying that his mother is an idiot dying Alzheimer's and then she says if she dies it will be his fault. Spencer then asks for control and overturns the table he attacks Cat trying kills her, JJ tries to stop him later and calms down. After Spencer tells him to dance with him so he can say what he means, Cat tells him he wanted to be uncomfortable in the same way it was for Cat herself, so the team soon realizes that Cat has a third accomplice that a guard who works in both Cat's and Reid's jails, they soon find out it's Lionel Wilkins. After Reid tells Cat he was scared, but he soon says he liked to poison the other detainees, and he says he had a thousand ways to escape the situation and was the one that caused the most pain, then Cat says his team is already on the way and also tells Reid that they are going to fall into a trap, after that Cat tries to get Lindsey to kill them all and Spencer soon tells him that it is not his son but Wilkins's, then furious Lindsey surrenders and is arrested by murders. Then in the end Cat really admits defeat by saying that she and Reid deserve each other, and Reid later handcuffs her and walks away.

Season 15Edit

Date NightEdit

Modus Operandi Edit

Cat targeted various people through her capacity as a hitwoman, though her favorite target was married fathers who actually hired her to kill their own wives, because they reminded her of her father. Once she had her victims in a highly compromised position, she would kill them by shooting them with a .45-caliber handgun, hence her nickname. She briefly mentioned that she would be so good at manipulating that she could get her targets to kill themselves, though it is unknown if that is indeed the case. During the standoff at Harry & Glenn's Grill and Bar, she held Reid at gunpoint with a .40-caliber Springfield Armory XDM handgun (presumably the same gun she used to kill her victims) and coordinated her actions with Sharon Mayford. Throughout the latter half of Season Twelve, she coordinated her actions with Lindsey Vaughn and Lionel Wilkins.

Trivia Edit

  • Alongside villains such as Mr. ScratchThe ReaperLindsey VaughnThe Replicator, she is the fourth villain to appear most often in the series, since she made her appearance in season eleven in the episode Entropy, and in the season twelve which was soon after, Green Light and Red Light.
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