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Dr. Carol Linnaeus is a minor antagonist in The Loud House.


Dr. Carol Linnaeus appeared in the episode "Blinded By Science". In the episode, she served as the main antagonist where she tricks Lisa into selling Flip to her to do more research on him for a day at Incognito Laboratories. But the next day, Lisa received a letter from Flip calling for help. Linnaeus has been using Flip as a lab rat and is planning to shoot him into space without a space suit. After Lisa tries to save Flip, Linnaeus tries to stop her along with two body guards. When Lisa and Flip are cornered, Flip uses his Flippee, spills it on the the floor, making Linnaeus and the body guards spilled into the rocket and it launches, setting them into space to their deaths.


Dr. Linnaeus is a tall woman. She has brown hair with a hair knot in the back. She wears glasses, a white lab coat with a black tie, and black shoes.


  • Dr. Linnaeus is the first Loud House villain to be killed-off in the show.
  • Her name is a gender-flipped variant of Carl Linnaeus, the father of modern taxonomy.
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