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Carmel is the secundary antagonist of the Split.


Not much is known about Carmel's past life nor how she became a vampire the only thing known is that Carmel was a totally seductive and very cruel and dangerous vampire, she was once Leo's lover. She was soon banished in the mirror by 650, but Phaton releasing her from prison for her bites Guy Rozen and flirting with Leo Zachs so that Leo would't stay with Ella Rozen.


Season One

After being released by Phaton, he puts her in Nicky Shilon's body, and she turns Guy into a vampire after she flirts with Leo, and eventually erases Amnon Green's memories that he forgets everything. However she cheats on Phaton and gets mirror. But nevertheless, what Carmel didn't expect Leo to kill her in the end. 

Season Two

In season two, Carmel as well as other villains such as Ethos and Amnon Green redeemed themselves from the acts. She was soon revived by Jamon, she was very empty at the beginning of the series, and she had a romantic pair with Guy Rozen who was the vampire who she transformed him. And at the end of the series on Jamon's orders when Andre Fooks tries to break the peace between vampires and humans, Carmel and Guy then invade Andre's residence and turn him into vampire. 


Carmel had a cold and manipulative personality, she was also possessive and cruel, as took all the memories of Amnon Green leaving him with a child mentality. But after being released by Jamon she redeemed herself and had a romantic match with Guy Rozen. 



  • Carmel is very similar to Katherine Pierce in that both were mistress of the main protagonist of their respective series, both were manipulative and cruel, both redeemed in the end, but nevertheless had different destinies. How Katherine died, while Carmel stayed alive in the series.