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Carl Buford is a pedophile and serial killer who appeared in Criminal Minds, second season as the main antagonist of the episode ''Profiler Profilied'', and he also appears in season 8 in the episode ''Restoration''.



Buford previously lived in the Cabrini-Green neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois. And when Buford reached adulthood, he ran Uptward Youth Center, he received many awards for his work his local children. However behind that he was a pedophile that molested children and even Derek Morgan, Buforf also eliminated Morgan's criminal records. And molested boys living in Cabrini-Green, among them was Rodney Harris who would become a drug dealer in the future. And during 1991 to 2002, for reasons not very specific, he killed two boys and hiding their bodies.

Season Two[]

Profiler Profilied[]

Then when Buford killed his third victim, Damien Walters, Detective Stan Gordinski who had grudges with Morgan for arresting him earlier because of a fight, and arresting him again for the three murders, and using the profile Gideon used evidentry. And upon hearing Morgan's arrest BAU decides to go to exonerate him. After that, Morgan questions Buford and confronts him, but Buford denies any blame, and after that he admits that the statute of limitations has a significance that he cannot be accused of molesting Morgan, he tells Morgan that he could have said no. However, Gordinski who was listening to the convesation holds Buford.

Season Eight[]


Whem Rodney Harris one of the Carl Buford victims begins to kill, Morgan then realizes that the suspect was a Carl Buford victim, Morgan then goes to the prison he is in for information, and it is revealed that Buford is forced to give him the information after Morgan threatens him to give him the information after Morgan threatens him to disclose the information about his arrest, he then give all the names in about 50 victims. The next day Buford is found dead off screen by several prisoners after allegedly discovering that he was a pedophile.


Buford flashes in a few seconds without his face being seen. And Morgan tells his father Hank about the abuse he suffered.


Buford is a charismatic man who despite the image of a good man, in fact he is a pedophile who loves child sexual abuse including Morgan, he is cruel, and this is shown when he kills children when he shows if a threat to him, but at the end of the episode of the second season that was Profiled Profilied, he shows himself to be a coward since he asked Morgan for help, and he repaid him by sending him to hell. 


  • Buford could be considered one of the most hated villains in the series even more than George Foyet, since he was a pedophile and child killer, and not even the inmates spared his life when they discovered the truth.