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The man himself

Leonard Smart grew up in a poverty stricken neighbourhood.his only good influence in life was his grandfather,an ice delivery man who,se job caused a young Snart to associate Cold with positive feelings.after his grandfather died Snart received even worse abuse and ran away  but left His sister Lisa behind as he did not want her to be involved in his life of crime.Snart Was then apprehended by the Flash.he later stole a cold engine Which put him and Flash on more even footing.during his many battles With Flash Cold was often associated by the rogues,a supervision team he formed to fight the speedster.Cold and his sister temporaliarly reformed but soon relapsed into a life of Crime.When the villain Blacksmith re formed the rogues Cold Was deeply angered over not being given an invite and tried to sabotage the team,s efforts and

help the (Wally West) flash.however he ultimately assists his old friends  Trickster,Mirror

Captain Cold Vs The Flash

Master and Weather Wizard in escaping.While in the process of robbing a bank Cold learns about Sue Dibny,s murder.this saddens him and he instructs Mirror Master to send some flowers to her husband Ralph(Elongated Man) in condolence.Following the death of Captain Booomerang Cold took in his son Owen Mercer as he thought Owen Was his nephew at the time.Cold began to re form his team and established an alliance with other powerful Villain Gorilla Grodd  drawing the attention of former and now reformed rogues.When his team of criminals were attacked by the former ones Cold Was forced to fight his former friend Heatwave.When the villain Top reveals that he was responsible for turning the rogues against one another Cold ruthlessly Kills hum causing a rift between him and his sister who was dating Top.Inertia Manipulated Captian Cold into assisting in the murder of Bart Allan however Snart Was disgusted to realise how young the new flash was and fell into alcohol as an outlet for his guilt.because of Cold,s refusal to join his secretly society the villain Libra orders the kidnapping of Snart,s father eventually Cold himself orders Heatwvae to Kill his father as he is unable to do it himself and executed Inertia to make up for Bartxs death to Wally..during blackest

Captain Cold

Knight Cold is able to suppress his love while fighting his resurrected sister and murders Owen after learning  Owen had been feeding women and children to his father.When Gorilla Grodd invaded the city Cold assisted Barry Allen against him and protected the civilians though he also took the opportunity to rob them.Cold Was also an ally to the heroes In forever Evil Where he broke Johnny Quick,s leg and protected his sister from Deathstorm.Following these events he joined the justice league.