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Digger Herkness had a miserable childhood as his step father resented him.this likely contributed to his decision to become the criminal Known as Captain Boomernag Who was a rival to the Barry Allen Flash.Boomerang Was frequently a  member of the rogues  it was not well-liked by most of them and he discriminated against Pied Piper for his homosexuality.he was later recruited by Amanda Waller to join the suicide squad.he helps them with several missions but also caused a lot of problems for them  such as allowing his teammate Mindblogger to be shot in revenge for her humiliation of him and taking up the mantle of his old friend Mirror Master so he,s be able to continue with criminal activity.Boomerang tried to find with his long abandoned son Owen Mercer.around this time he was contracted by Jean Loring to Kill Tim Drake,s father,Jack.he succeeds But is killed by Jack in the process.during rogue war his body was recovered by James Jesse Who hoped to use Digger to extract the location of the rogues.he revived him in the presence of Ashley Zoloman.Digger asked Ashley to tell Owen that he loves him and instructed her to keep the identity of his son,s mother a secret.he died again shortly after but was briefly resurrected as a black lantern.Boomerang was again revived and became a part of the suicide squad again.during forever Evil he opposed the crime syndicate.he worked with the reverse Flash(Daniel West) on the squad who sacrificed himself.Digger would later empathetically relay this event to Daniel,s son Wally.