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Background information
Feature films Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Actor Javier Bardem
Performance model
Inspiration Drago Bludvist (very possible; they wear similar clothing and have the same personality)
Character information
Other names Captain Salazar
Personality Evil, cold, vengeful, manipulative, brutal, sadistic, destructive, genocidal, ruthless, diabolical, selfish, greedy, treacherous, murderous, gnarly, intilligent, skilled, cunning, vindictive, power hungry, honorable, noble, honest, chaotic, egoistic, careless, arogant, sinister, malevolent.
Appearance A scarred man with long hair and a black cloak
Occupation Spanish captain (formerly), ghost pirate
Affiliations Chaotic Evil
Goal To kill Jack Sparrow and get revenge on him,

To kill Henry Turner, Carina Smyth, Hector Barbossa and their allies, To find Trident of Poseidon, destroy all pirates in the world and Conquer the seven seas.

Friends Lesaro, His ghost pirates
Enemies Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Henry Turner, Elizabeth Swan, Hector Barbossa, Carina Smyth.
Minions His pirates
Likes Getting power by force, control, torture, revenge
Dislikes Defeat, failure, Jack Sparrow
Powers and abilities Quick fighting skills, surviving natural disasters
Weapons A rapier.
Fate Killed by Barbossa.
Quote "Jack Sparrow. Do you know this pirate?"
"Find Sparrow for me, and relay a message from Captain Salazar, and tell him...death will come straight for him. Will you say that to him? Please?"

Captain Armando Salazar is the main antagonist of the 2017 Disney movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. He is a ruthless undead pirate hunter and captain of a undead Spanish Royal Navy who is bent on exterminating all pirates in the entire world via the powerful Trident of Poseidon, and killing Jack Sparrow for cursing him and his crew, which cause them to become undead ghosts.



Salazar was once a Spanish Royal Navy captain that served on the Silent Mary. He dedicated his life exterminating many pirates during his voyages, which he and his crew (including his second-in-hand Lesaro) took great delight in; even some of the stories of their pirate hunting expeditions claimed that they've hunted down and killed thousands of pirates. It wasn't until they went sailing after a young pirate named Jack Sparrow, as Salazar doesn't want to miss out a single pirate. Salazar and his crew followed Jack to the mysterious waters of the Devil's Triangle, where their ship was mangled by rocks within the Devil's Triangle. This causes the powder stored within the ship to ignite and consume the ship with an unrelenting fire, seemingly killing Salazar and his crew. However, it turns out that Salazar and his crew's bodies begun to sink to the bottom of the sea and were suddenly struck by streaks of eerie red light, resurrecting them as the undead by the mysterious supernatural powers of the Triangle, where they were currently trapped. Unable to escape from the Triangle, Salazar and his undead crew of spent several years in a cave, plotting their revenge on Jack Sparrow.

Escape from the Devil's Triangle

Twenty-five years after their imprisonment in the Devil's Triangle, Salazar and his men spotted the Monarch, a British Royal Navy warship, entering their cave. As the Monarch came to a halt, the crew ran across the water, boarded the ship and launched a surprise attack. Due to their ghostly powers, Salazar and his men easily slaughtered the British soldiers on board. With the battle effectively over, Salazar walked below deck finding a single young sailor named Henry Turner locked in the brig. Noticing several wanted posters of Jack Sparrow on the floor, Salazar stabbed one of them with his sword to bring it closer to him. Salazar asked Henry if he knew the pirate. When Henry replied that he knew Sparrow only by name, Salazar allows Henry to escape to find Sparrow and give him a message about death coming straight for him.

Return for Revenge

Salazar and his crew managed to escape from the Devil's Triangle, steering the Silent Mary into the open sea for the first time in years. Though the ship was now nothing but a wreck, she was kept afloat due to the magic. Salazar eventually planned to find the legendary Trident of Poseidon, the mythical artifact which would give him and his crew absolute control over the seas so they could continue their mission and kill all the pirates in the world, starting with Jack Sparrow. Freed from the Devil's Triangle, Salazar and his men continued their anti-piracy campaign by encountering a pirate fleet commanded by Hector Barbossa, the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea. Without hesitation, they quickly attacked and destroyed three of its ships, the Jonty Lark, the Golden Pheasant, and the Rising Phoenix. Though the rest of the fleet managed to escape, the message the undead Spaniards sent was clear - the dead have taken command of the sea. Some time later, the Silent Mary encountered the Queen Anne's Revenge, Barbossa's flagship. As the Silent Mary approached the Revenge, the crew used their magical powers to bend the bow of their ship backwards, opening the ship's hull like the jaws of a giant beast right in front of the pirate vessel, leaving the pirate crew stunned and unable to react. Salazar then leaped on board the Revenge, landing behind Barbossa. Salazar then blackmails Barbossa into helping him find the Trident and kill Jack at once.

Final Battle and Defeat

Later on, Salazar spots Jack on another ship called the Dying Gull, so he and his crew attempt to attack. However, Jack, along with Henry Turner and Carina Smyth (who is later revealed to be be Barbossa's daughter), escape on a lifeboat to a small island. Salazar and his crew follow the three to the island, but they soon realize that they can't enter on dry land, as evidenced when one of the crew members instantly turned into dust after setting foot on dry sand. Despite this, Barbossa manage to catch up to Jack and the others, but decides to help them as he wants to use the Trident to destroy Salazar and his men for good. Using an old map (which Carina found) that marks the location of the Trident, Jack and his gang sail across into a small island with the Black Pearl, where they finally spot the Trident. However, this caused the ocean to create a huge rift while Salazar and his crew have already followed them to it, resulting a lengthy, harsh and violent battle between Jack's crew and Salazar's crew. During the battle, Salazar gain the upper hand on Jack and attempts to kill him, hoping it would end his curse. However, Henry destroys the Trident to end all curses that roam the seas, causing Salazar and his men to turn back into normal people. This also causes the ocean rift to finally close, drowning much of Salazar's crew members to their deaths. As Barbossa reels in Jack, Henry and Carina to safety by using the Black Pearls anchor, Salazar and his surviving men cling to it, still bent on killing Jack. Fortunately, Barbossa managed to sacrifice himself to save the trio by stabbing Salazar in the back, killing him and sending the rest of his men drowning to their deaths in the ocean floor below.


Captain Salazar is an extremely megalomaniacal and most murderous individual. Since that he started his killing spree upon the pirates, he earned himself a fearsome reputation, thus making him to incredibly terrifying. More than that, Salazar uses as the truly ultimate personification of death, destruction, fear, violence and terror. He sees nothing more or less than only one goal; kill Jack Sparrow and to end the pirates life in the entire world.

In addition to his chaotic personality, Salazar is vengeful ever since that Jack is the one who made him to become undead ghost. He used his powers to make Barbossa help him in finding Jack as well as interrogated Henry Turner after he destroyed the Monarch ship, using his intimidating and menacing look as a mean in order to cause him deliver his message to Jack. Despite his chaotic personality, he had left Henry alive and he told him that "Dead men tell no tales" which means that if someone is dead, no one can bring him back.