Background information
Feature films Wreck-It Ralph
Television programs
Video games Wreck-It Ralph
Park attractions
Voice Katie Lowes
Performance model
Character information
Other names
Personality Cheerful, happy, cowardly, submissive, cute, beautiful
Appearance Small, slender, fair skin, blindfolded in the green eyes, short green hair pulled into pigtails, bound and gagged, pink jacket and skirt, brown shirt, brown leggings with pink dots, black converse shoes, large cupcake beanie with a lit candle on the top
Occupation Sugar Rush racer
Goal To win the race(all tied up to train tracks)
Home Sugar Rush
Friends Taffyta Muttonfudge, Rancis Fluggerbutter, Vanellope von Schweetz
Enemies Vanellope von Schweetz (formerly)
Likes Racing, candy
Dislikes Glitches, Vanellope (formerly)
Powers and abilities Racing skills
Fate Becomes friends with Vanellope and plays with her

Candlehead is the other semi-antagonist of Disney's 2012 film Wreck-It Ralph. She is a racer from the game Sugar Rush and one of the more cheerful of them. She is also one of Taffyta Muttonfudge's best friends. She is voiced by Katie Lowes.


Wreck-It RalphEdit

Candlehead has gotten a gold coin along with the other racers and is using it to be in the race. Vanellope also tries to join with a medal she stole from Ralph, thinking it is a coin. Candlehead and the other racers don't recognize Vanellope because she is disguised and she is able to give in her coin, but she accidently drops the disguise and Candlehead sees her. Vanellope flees and is confronted by Ralph who wants his medal, and in the incident Vanellope drives away in her tiny kart. Candlehead is told by Taffyta to follow her as they search for Vanellope. Soon, Candlehead and a large group of racers find Vanellope and try to force her to drop out of the race for her status as a glitch. Vanellope refuses and in response, the racers begin destroying the kart. Vanellope tries to pull Candlehead away but fails and she desperately tries to get Taffyta and Rancis away from the kart but is knocked into a mud puddle. Ralph, who was watching the whole thing, jumps out of hiding and charges towards a shocked Candlehead and the other racers. Candlehead runs into her kart and starts it up, and is one of the last racers to leave.
Tumblr meydj6g2tl1qim4fgo2 1280

Candlehead after depositing her coin

Candlehead doesn't bother Vanellope again until the race comes and Vanellope enters with a new kart. Candlehead easily manages to get to second place after Taffyta, but is warned by another racer named Rancis Fluggerbutter that Vanellope is coming. Taffyta orders Candlehead to light the cherry bombs on the side of the racing track to blow Vanellope off the track, and it seems to succeed until Vanellope glitches in front of the three racers, who are so
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Candlehead in her kart

shocked that they accidently fall into a giant vanilla ice cream, and Candlehead's candle is blown out. The race is halted by the arrival of the Cy-Bugs, who attack Sugar Rush and at the same time, King Candy is revealed to be Turbo, a racer from the game TurboTime and he is consumed by a Cy-Bug. Candlehead flees Sugar Rush and returns once the danger is over. Vanellope crosses the finish line and she is revealed to be the princess of Sugar Rush and Turbo locked away the residents memories of her. Candlehead remembers Vanellope as her princess and weeps, saying she only bullied her because Taffyta told her to. Vanellope appears to be unforgiving and calls for the execution of Candlehead and the other racers, much to their horror. Candlehead breaks down and starts crying with the other racers, begging for mercy, and Vanellope reveals she was only joking and then decides to remain a glitch because she has the power to teleport. Candlehead and the other racers are confused, as they don't know who will lead them now, but Vanellope decides to lead them as president. Candlehead agrees with this and watches as Ralph leaves and comes up to Vanellope and takes her hand and runs off to play with her.


Candlehead is a very cheerful and beautiful little girl who likes candles a lot, and her kart is fueled by them and she can use them to light cherry bombs, making her kart dangerous. The only things Candlehead appeared to dislike was her candle getting blown out and Vanellope racing, that is, until Vanellope was revealed to be princess. Candlehead is very submissive to Taffyta, as she explains she only bullied Vanellope because Taffyta told her too. She doesn't appear to be lying, as both times she caused trouble to Vanellope, Taffyta had ordered her to do it. She appears to be friendlier than the other racers and is the first to befriend Vanellope after their memories are restored.