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Philip Brooks
Background information
Feature films WWE Jetsons
Television programs Raw


Video games Varies
Park attractions
Actor Himself
Voice CM Punkrock
Performance model
Character information
Other names CM Punk

Best in the World

Personality Anti-Villainous Dark Messiah
Appearance Manly, Facial Hair, Black Hair, Yellow Shorts, White Gloves, Boots
Occupation Delusional Thrill Seeker
Goal Tortures Heyman in any slights (Succeeds)
Home WWE
Friends John Cena (His Friend)

Daniel Bryan (His Partners In Crime)
AJ Lee (His Lover)
Nikki Bella
Brie Bella
Ronda Rousey
Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose
Beth Phoenix
Trish Stratus
The Rock
Drew McIntyre
Rey Mysterio
Enzo Amore
Sami Zayn
Finn Balor
Shinsuke Nakamura
The Edge
Christian Cage
Shelton Benjamin
Booker T
Bobby Lashley
Elijah Burke

Enemies The Miz (His Rival)

R Truth (His Archenemy)
AJ Styles
Triple H (His Nemesis)
Shane McMahon
Vince McMahon
Stephanie McMahon
Theodore Long
Randy Orton (His Enemy)
Michael Cole
Jerry ''The King'' Lawler
John Laurinaitis
John Bradshaw Layfield
William Regal
Corey Graves
Baron Corbin
Adam Cole
Adrian Neville
AJ Styles
Luke Gallows
Karl Anderson
Vladimir Kozlov
Ezekiel Jackson
Paul Heyman
Brock Lesnar (His All times Rival, Anti Villainous Counterpart)
Braun Strowman
Bray Wyatt
Luke Harper+
Erick Rowan
Big Show
Samoa Joe
Kevin Owens
Alexander Rusev
Wade Barrett
Alberto Del Rio
David Otunga

Likes His persons
Dislikes Taking down egos
Powers and abilities Blood Users
Weapons Kendo Stick
Fate Alive
Quote It doesn't matter U are all alone, Their still in you're way.

Phillip "CM Punk" Brooks is the Anti Antagonist from WWE who dates His Friend, John Cena. He collects His rivalry, Paul Heyman after Curtis Axel loses to saves Him that Drew McIntyre destroys Brock Lesnar. He is also portrayed by the English Voice Actor, Himself only.


Phillip Brooks has Manly Body with His Tattoo Arms. He has a Short Brown Hair and Eyes with no Facials as He wears a White Gloves who marks a Red X, a Shorts with Black and Yellow Designs, Socks and Shoes.

In Alternate Costume, He wears a Black T Shirt with the Logo, Cult of Personality, Pants and Shoes. Punk also has Long Hair and Facials with Brief of The Same Color as before He shaves His Face and cuts His Hair.


He is Hot Headed, Wrathful, Xenophobe and Fighter. Punk is a Vigilante who always Bikes Around as His Friend was John Cena who is Hot Headed Master Manipulative Xenophobe & likes to mischief People like Batista, The Undertaker and Kane.