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Bunnyman is an Urban Legend of an incident that took place in Fairfax County, Virginia in 1970, about a man dressed as a rabbit who attacked people with an ax.



Then when Bob insisted he had someone dressed as a white rabbit. But everyone remembered seeing his face very cleary. But in the dark they were unable to identify their race. Phillips said he had a man who were a black and white suit and that he was about 20 years old and 73 tall and weighed 79. Then when the legend circulated, and was only published in the late 90s, by Timonthy C. Forbes. And that this version stated that in the years 1904, in a prison in an asylum in Clifton, Virginia. Then in prison the prisoners either escaped or were found dead, and a team found them, except one of them.

Then when the police located the remains of Marcus Wallster, and left in similar ways to Bunnyman. And then the police were looking for inmate Douglas J. Grifon who was suspected to be Bunnyman. The police manage to locate Grifon, but he is run over, at Easter, that he was institutionalized for killing his family on Sunday.