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Bryan Fury is a major antagonists who appeared in the fighting game series called Tekken. He's a corrupt officer who becomes a cyborg.



Before Fury was introduced to the game, he was a former United States Marine Corps soldier and an officer of the National Police Organization and a combat detective who discovered a drug connection and he was then killed and his make up was handed over to Dr. Abel in your laboratory.

Tekken 3

Bryan later becomes a cyborg, and Abel becomes a rival for Dr. Boskonovitch. And after that, Dr. Abel revives Bryan for Iron Fist Tournament 3, he fights Yoshimitsu who is friend of Boskonovitch.

Tekken 4

After Bryan's defeat, and Abel's abandonment, he then works for Mishima Zaibatsu, he appears in the King of Iron Tournament 4, where he is defeated by Heihachi with a blow to the head. After that, Abel changes his body, he is later found unconscious and is saved by Yoshimitsu.

Tekken 5

After that, Bryan is installed in his perpertual generator body by Doctor B. Bryan is attacked a Manji Clan members in his lab in the ruins. He again participated in the King of Iron Fist Tournament to test in abilities, he was defeated by Yoshimitsu.

Tekken 6

In Tekken 6, Bryan reappeared again to look for his abilities but Yoshimitsu thwarted his plans.

Tekken 7

In the seventh game in the franchise, Bryan again reappears causing chaos and war in the city. And in this game in the midst of chaos he makes his new victims.

Street Fight vs Tekken

During the crossover, Bryan reappears in Jack X's experiments that the robot is now known as Jack X, then he does software reboots on Jack X. But he is recognized as a target, and Bryan then uses a lauching on Jack X.


Bryan is one of the most cruel and sadistic villains that appeared in Tekken, as he killed the clan that saved his life by annihilating them. He is one of Pure Evil to appear in Tekken.