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Bruce Wayne of this Earth 13, is a Batman version of an altenative reality that become cruel supervillain, with the characteristics similar to that of The Joker, not his apprehension if a Superman villain, he first appeared in Smallville Season 11: Alien Vol 1#3 and he is also part of the multiverse series Smallville.  



Meanwhile, in Earth 13, Bruce Wayne kills his parents when he was still a child and soon he became a masked criminal in adulthood. Bruce afterwards he killed Barbara Gordon who was paralyzed due to a wheelchair and also killed Clark Kent for exposing him to the police. When Earth 13 was being invaded by the Monitors, Bruce was soon followed by Clark who took him to a parallel Earth. Right at the morgue, Batman along with Lieutenant Gordon, investigates Clark's death, and Batman soon found DNA samples that he combined with his own. Bruce then confronted both Batman and Nigthwing on the Amusement Mile that The Joker simply wore with his watch and threw his explosive balls. Batman soon attacked his doppelganger from another Earth, however, Bruce simply suppressed when Nightwing tried to help him and was attacked by Bruce and stabbed by him, and said that she was funnier than his Barbara from his own Earth. That did not put him in a lot of fight when she killed her. Batman soon became infuriated and attacked him, Bruce then asks Batman if there is an Arkhan Asylum in this world, since it would be better to kill him than to take him there. Batman simply ignored him because he vowed never to kill again after the death of his parents, and after defeating him, he was aprisoned on Mars by Martian Manhunter.


Bruce uses his disguise of his Earth alter-ego, and with a makeup similar to that of the Joker. 


Bruce in this Earth, is sadistic, psychopathic, psychotic, and has no empathy for anything beyond himself. Appears to be Batman's doppelganger, his personality is very similar to that of the Joker, since both are psychopaths and both also killed the parents before their adulthood and also both went to a chaotic life and crimes. 



  • Bruce may have been the inspiration for Batman Who Laughs, since both are Bruce Wayne of their respective Earth, both are a fusion of the Joker with Batman of the two biggest rivals of the comic books. Although Bruce has never gone to the good side. and Batman Who Laughs has turned to the bad side, both are sadistic, psychotic, egotist, psychopathic with the same Joker character notably, and both are amused by the suffering of others, same as The Joker.