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Brokenstar is a villain in the Erin Hunter's Warriors book series. He is also the leader ShadowClan, he is also a major antagonist of the first book series ''The Prophecy Begins'', he also appeared as the main antagonist of into The Wild and Fire And Ice, as well as the main antagonist of Forest of Secrets. And soon after reapearring in Omen of the Stars.


Yellowfang's Secret

Yellowfang, a ShadowClan medicine cat, gives birth to three kits within secrecy as to have a mate and/or kits is against the medicine cat code a Hippocratic Oath relative to the warrior cats universe. Two of these kits die prematurely, one death is unknown but is described to be breathing poorly, and the other comes out a stillborn, while her only son remains healthy and alive besides being born with a broken tail, hence the name “Brokenkit”. Yellowfang inevitably chooses a foster mother, Lizardstripe, for her only surviving child. He is teased by his littermates with names and insults and his foster mother is shown to be malevolent and mean-spirited toward him, further continuing to be neglectful toward her adopted son. He is later given a mentor who he is shown to disobey, he continues this hyper-aggressive behavior by instigating physical altercations with others, despite being not entirely trained and showing little self-restraint he is given his warrior name, a right of passage for cats within the clans, early. As time passes the prior deputy of Shadowclan, Cloudpelt, is killed in battle and Brokentail is appointed to his position by his biological father, Raggedpelt, who had become Raggedstar, the then curent leader of Shadowclan. As Brokentail's reign begins Yellowfang proves their son's evil spirit to Raggedstar; before something can be put to action about this behavior Brokentail murders his father in cold blood and takes his place as leader, dawning the name Brokenstar. Brokenstar would later appoint a deputy under circumstances that break the warrior code, another Hippocratic Oath-esc code that warriors of this universe must take before they dawn their names, this deputy is Blackfoot, who has never mentored an apprentice and is thus not deemed fit by the code for deputy. Within this book he later goes on to announce his clan will train for only battle, deeming hunting as unimportant, he follows this by then appointing kits too young to train for strenuous drilling and banishing elder cats from the clan including his biological mother, Yellowfang.

Bluestar's Prophecy

Brokenpaw is said to be ShadowClan's new appredice at the meeting hosted by Leopardfoot, a ThunderClan warrior. She also says he had a fight with two RiverClan apprentices, until Oaktheart a RiverClan warrior decides to steal him. This makes Brokenpaw's father furious.

Into the Wild

Fire And Ice

After being expelled from ShadowClan, Brokenstar and his team decide to break into the ThuderClan camp. They attack Fireheart being only warrior seen there. Shortly thereafter his Clan comrades are killed and the remains of the rogues are scattered from the camp. Then Yellowfang blinds him, and Brokenstar is taken into custody as a ThunderClan prisoner.

Forest of Secrets

Brokenstar now called Brokentail is still a ThunderClan prisoner, but he seems to get along with Tigerclaw, and Fireheart catches them both talking like friends every night. With this the other Clans realize that Brokentail is still alive, and with that ShadowClan and WindClan launch an attack on ThunderClan to kill Brokentail, but ThunderClan retaliates saving Brokentail's life. And then Brokentail's old team appears and attacks the camp. With that, Brokentail attacks the cats, Brokentail which kills him. And all the rogues are removed and Tigerclaw is exiled from ThunderClan.

The Rise of Scourge

Brokenstar appears along with two others cats in the manga. They were fighting the rogues until Scourge begin to laugh and tease Scourge for his small size. With that, a ShadowClan warrior attacks Scourge but he dodges and kills the warrior with a cut in his throat. And that Brokenstar leaves Bloodclan territory.

Omen of the Stars

Brokenstar appears as one of the Dark Forest leaders of the cats, corrupting them and training them to be the new Dark Forest warriors and recruits so they can assist him in his next attack on the forest.


Brokenstar is one of the cruelest villains ever to appear in Warriors, besides he is cruel, sadistic, sociopathic and brutal. He is killer who terrifies other cats for pleasure and power.  

As a leader, Brokenstar was cruel and violent, he was consistently attacking the other Clans only to take his lands and expel them. He was known for his cruel and authoritarian behavior, and including inventing tough rules for his cats to live. He also doen't mind killing other cats to get what he wants, he was also very hungry for power, as he tried to provoke a war against Windclan that he later became the leader.

Victims Knows

  • Raggedstar
  • Mosspaw
  • Volepaw
  • Badgerfang
  • Swampkit
  • Blossomkit
  • Marigoldkit
  • Mintkit
  • Beetlewhisker
  • Ferncloud
  • Antpelt's spirit


Why are you telling me this stuff? I'm not going to be a medicine cat! I'm going to be a warrior! Grrr! Watch me pounce!
~ Brokenstar talking with Yellowfang
I've come to tell you not to waste your waste your efforts with Cloudpelt. His time is over. He would never have been able to lead ShadowClan. There is only one can do that after Raggedstar. I will be the next leader of ShadowClan.
~ Brokenstar


  • Brokenstar is one of the most featured villains in the series.