I'm not letting anyone leave my town! Everyone's gonna die!
~ Brian threatening Claire
Brian irons DC file
Brian Irons
is a villain of Resident Evil 2.


Resident Evil 2Edit

He is a chief of Raccoon City Police Department, but he is corrupt. It turns out that Irons is bribed by Umbrella, mostly by William Birkin, into keeping the company's secrets. As a result, he murdered the police officers who will try to investigate it.

Claire first encounters him in the police headquarters with the Mayor's daughter. Later, she is held into gunpoint by Irons as it is revealed he worked for Umbrella and looking for his briber's daughter, Sherry. Suddenly, the embryo that Birkin injected him earlier on bursts out of his body, killing him.

In an alternate path, his fate is largely similar in that he corners Claire. However, he is instead killed by Birkin directly, being dragged down into a manhole and then having him being ripped in half from the waist down, with his top half being thrown back to the top just as Claire was about to investigate.

Resident Evil: The Darkside ChroniclesEdit

Irons appears in a cutscene where he attempts to rape the Mayor's daughter. Suddenly, he is confronted by Claire and Leon, whom the latter knows who he is because he works for him. Irons sees Sherry as he is searching for her. Just then, he is killed when a monster comes out of his body.