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Breach is One of the Main Antagonist from Generator Rex who former joins Van Kleiss and the Pack. She tries to takes down Dr. Holiday after She captures Her to return Her Human World. 


In her debut, She is the Major Antagonist from Cartoon Networks until Season 1 Episode 7. In Season 1 Episode 8, She is the Villainous Extra Protagonist of Her in Synopsis where She can be found and arrested by Dr. Holiday. She plays as the Primary Antagonist in What Lies Beneath and It's Payback Tyme and as the Minor Antagonist of Season 2. She redeems a Villain who was the Heroic Antagonist of Season 3 in Her that She arrests Van.  


She gets a Tall Breasts in Human Form before Her hybrid, She has a Short Black Hair and Green Eyes with a Red and White Schoolgirl Uniform with a Brown Shows. Her Panty was Black in White.

Her only appearance didn't change after She mutates Herself, She gets Her Large Muscle in Her small body and a Lower Skinny Arms. She blinds Her bangs to not shows Her evil eyes.


Breach was seen in Shadows with Biowulf and Skalamander. She and Pack Henchmen demands Rex Salazar, Bobo Haha and Noah if They assaults Them, Agent Six battles Them but Pack kidnaps Three of Them. Van Kleiss meets Three Friends with His Pack, Agent Six appears to saves His Friends.

Agent 6 beats Breach up in One Shot and defeats Bio and Skalamander where as Rex physically kills Van for 1st time, They Retreats and Van resurrects Himself.

Breach also appears after Bio, She recruits Circe to kills Rex. While He and Noah are in Beach, He meets Her. As Agent Six wents instead of Her, Rex wanted Her to knows Deeds. But Breach and Bio cames and Circe kicks Him out to not Show Them. They Both tries to warns Her about Him but He brutalizes Em.

Breach lately meets and takes down Agent 6, Noah and Bobo with Biowulf while Rex beats the Monster down. He tries to confesses Circe but They both brings Her back to Her own world.

Breach was seen in Her Episode where She can be arrested by Dr. Holiday. She was unseen that Rex was sent in Her Dollhouse and imprisoned by The Soldiers. He body just teleports and Has nothing to do, seeing Herself suffer and wen't in a rampages blasting of Herself to reunites Her own House and was Brutalized after Rex defeats Her.


She was a Teenage Villainess. Since as Yandere, Lists of A Teenage Antagonists who are similar to Her.


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  • Garlic Jr. From Draghon Ball Z.

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