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Braun Strowman
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Raw


Video games Varies
Park attractions
Actor Himself
Voice No Information
Performance model
Inspiration Bane (DC)


Character information
Other names Strowman

Black Sheep
The Stronger
Monster Among Us
MAN, Shut Up! (by Roman)

Personality Barbaric Psychopath


Appearance His Muscle, Abnormally Large, Tall Beard, Fat, Brown pants, Black tank top and boots
Occupation Wrestler
Affiliations Wyatt Family
Goal Collects Roman Reigns (Fails)

Tortures Shane McMahon in any slights (Succeeds)
Abuses Lashley and McIntyre if They Both ever steps of the lines (Loss)

Home WWE
Friends Erick Rowan (His Step Elder Brother)

Luke Harper (His Step Eldest Brother+)
Bray Wyatt (His Adoptive Father, Formerly)
Triple H (His Leader)
Randy Orton
CM Punk
Otis (His Best Friend Forever)
Alexa Bliss (His Lover)

Enemies Brock Lesnar

John Cena
Seth Rollins
Big Show
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Dean Ambrose
Roman Reigns
Dolph Ziggler (Now)
Drew McIntyre (Now)

Minions Kevin Owens (His Minion)

Samoa Joe (His Henchman)
Jinder Mahal (His Goon)
The Singh Brothers
AOP (Neutrally)
Big Cass (Worth It)
Baron Corbin (Worth It)
J & J Security (Sometimes)

Likes Darkness


Dislikes Gets fired
Powers and abilities Giant Heights

His muscle
Blood users

Fate Imprisoned
Quote (Goes Wild)

Braun Strowman (AKA Black Sheep) is the Heroic antagonist from WWE Who joins His Father, Bray Wyatt. He cares about destroying Roman Reigns after He retreats because He doesn't want loses to Him.

He has a Best Friend Forever named Erick Rowan who is with Luke Harper, He was Black Sheep in Wyatt Family. He is the No Longer Friend was a Now Enemy of Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre for losing to The Shield, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.

He was Triple H's Most Brutal Minion who was Enemy of Brock Lesnar and Glenn Thomas Jacob. He serve as the Leader of Him who hires Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe and Jinder Mahal. He is also portrayed by the English Voice Actor, Himself only.


He is sometimes a Villain Himself who makes His Debut as a Black Sheep before a Face Turn, His Face takes down the Fourth Walls. He along with His Father and Brother, They brings New Day down.

Strowman frees as Tweener Turns and lefts His own Families. But He seems to be pissed that Roman and Rollins with Him, He hates both of Them. He needs Someone to helps Him from Both of Them before They reunites The Shield alongside with Ambrose who tortures AJ Styles in any slights for letting Him loses to Raw Teams.

Strowman becames friends with Ziggler and McIntyre before He and Both of Them Breaks Each others Up, They Three teases Shield. They punches Finn Balor for defeating His Father, Bray but The Shield are in the Police Car.

Strowman's Friends brutalizes Roman, Ambrose and Rollins for getting in Their ways. They all cheers for Him and became One of all of those who will never gets in There ways. After that, Shield assails and strikes Strowman's Minions but He, Ziggler and McIntyre retreats Three of Them.

Strowman manages to collects Roman and wills to trains Hard. Shield defeats Their Rivalry, Him, Ziggler and McIntyre for going Them wild without permissions. After Roman wins to destroys Him, Braun Strowman later turns Face and quits to Ziggler and McIntyre for not torturing Three Shield in any slights.

He only gets a crush on Alexa Bliss and lately became Otis' Best Friend Forever. But lately, after He takes down John Cena, Bray and Strowman the Father and Son meets again once a day after He finishes Bill Goldberg, He tells His own Son what to do that He will ever reunites Him.

Strowman returns in Smackdown January 2020 where He hot headedly defends Sheamus against the People in World Wrestling Entertainment. He lost after Shane McMahon didn't helps Him and retreats. Shane screws Braun when it was released that it was a School in RAW 2020, He strongly helds to attacks Them. He tortures Him in any slights.

After Shane McMahon was defeated by Him, Bobby Lashley cames after He returns in RAW 2018, He fights Him alongside with McIntyre which explains that is was a Crazy Reunion of Black Sheep until the Team of Retribution Won and He battles Him. Drew McIntyre just wining around watching Lashley VS Strowman and screws Him after He tells Him OH, Shadap!, He kicks Both of Them.

In the World Wrestling Entertainment Backlash 2021, alongside with Drew McIntyre, He was finished by Bobby Lashley including MVP who remains to defends the WWE Championship before Big E Langston cames to takes down Him after He exhaustedly eliminates Randy Orton and Matt Riddle.

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