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Performance model
Designer Super Sheela
Inspiration Nancy Archer, The Blob, Azathoth, Galactus
Character information
Other names Sugar (by Martha), Monster, Bizarre Deity, Gluttonous Beast (by Martha)
Personality Insecure, jealous, gluttonous, hungry, vengeful, cannibalistic, egotistical, self-absorbed, greedy, nihilistic, selfish, evil, destructive, vindictive, power-crazed, self-righteous, arrogant, misanthropic, obsessive, brutal, pompous, delusional
Appearance Green eyes, brunette hair, plump
Occupation Photographer (formerly), giantess monster, gigantic cosmic deity
Affiliations Neutral, later bad
Goal Improve her body any way by any means, eat and devour everyone and everything in her path until she outgrows the entire world and become an inter-galactic goddess and rule the universe. Eat everything else until she outgrows all of existence.
Home Ireland (birthplace), New York (sort of)
Enemies Martha, Lana, Earth Military Force, Other Humans
Likes Having a attractive body, food, eating, devouring things, being gigantic, exploring, growing bigger, being a cosmic entity
Dislikes Other girls being more beautiful and attractive than her, defeat, being small, her former life
Powers and abilities Size-shifting, eternal hunger, invulnerability, immense strength, near-immortality, size-manipulation.
Fate Shrunked to doll-size by Martha and stored on a shelf to be part of Lana's doll collection.
Typical Saying I might just keep eating forever...Keep getting bigger...Until I'm bigger than the whole world.

Bonnie (Bonnie's Body) is the titular protagonist of the Bonnie's Body series.

Bonnie was once a regular teenage girl whom wished to be better than her peers in appearance that led her met a mysterious, mystical gypsy named 'Martha' whom provided her with a potion that would shape her body to an image that she wanted. However, Bonnie's curiosity and greed led her ignored Martha's warning about the potion's unwanted effect should it simultaneously consumed with other food. Because of it, she wind up grows several times larger than a human being and would continuously grow each time she eat. Worse, the horrific effect on her body made her hunger unquenchable that drove her to continuously devour anything in her path, even inorganic object. Bonny's own hubris also take it's toll on her, as she become power hungry and would continuously eating so she can become a goddess.

Fortunately, before Bonnie can consume entire galaxy, Martha stepped in and undo all damage that she caused to entire universe (which including revive those whom she devoured or killed in her rampage). By the time the damage she has done to the universe restored to where they were before her rampage, Bonnie was punished as she now imprisoned and stored on Martha's shelf to be part of Lana's doll collection, presumably for all of eternity.


Bonnie as a normal girl.

Early Life

Bonnie was once a normal, average sized girl from a small town in Ireland prior to becoming an Azathoth-sized being. After moving to the US to start her career as a photographer, her confidence in her body is plummeting. Everywhere in town she looks there are beautiful girls showing off their large breasts and hips, anything that she lacked. Bonnie grows very jealous of not having the body or beauty of other girls in the city and is treated like an outcast.

Quest for Beauty

Fed up with feelings of inadequacy, Bonnie sets out on a quest to improve her body any way she can. But after seeking out medical help to no avail, Bonnie goes to see an mysterious, mystical gypsy named Martha who gives her a potion and is advised not to eat a meal more than once after drinking the potion.

Bonnie starting to grow after drinking the potion and eating her dinner all at once.

Unholy Growth Sprout

When Bonnie got home, she can't help skepticism as she drinks the potion alongside her dinner against Martha's warning. But as her first folk-full of dinner lands in her stomach, her body explodes to new and unusual proportions. When this happened, her hips and breasts enlarged in unusual proportion as she becomes taller (during that point her breasts are larger than of average A-sized cup). Bonnie is left in awe upon this, and can't help but wonder what happen if she ate more. After raiding her kitchen, Bonnie's body mass exploded once more, but this time it caused her clothes to be torned apart due to another growth sprout and the process resulting her head to punch through the roof of her apartment complex as if they were just paper. Her eyes quickly spot a group of horrified witnesses by her feet, which include a girl Bonnie was once jealous of. To get her revenge, Bonnie decided to shallow the said girl whole, committing the act of cannibalism in doing so.

Bonnie eating a large part of the city.

Devouring Entire City

Vengeance seems not to satisfy her hunger, as she goes to devour everyone in her block one by one. The more she devoured, the larger she becomes. The subsequent cannibalism, being drunk on power and new incredible look caused Bonnie to devour more that it resulted her to grow to kaiju-size, and now she is towering over the entire city. Bonnie inevitably killed tons of unfortunate innocent people whom accidentally stood on her past as she picks up entire skyscrapers and devours them along with it's inhabitants whole. Many people tried their best to evacuate, but most of them are already devoured. Bonnie enjoyed eating and devouring everything is sight, she plans on eating forever and become bigger than the entire planet. After Bonnie eats most of the city, she falls unconscious.

Wiping out the Military Forces

Later, as Bonnie wakes up, she at first thought her rampage was all a dream and is almost positive that it is, before she sees herself at the massive size she ate herself to before she passed out! Military forces show up to take down Bonnie and gun her down with everything they have. Unfortunately, all of their weapons are useless against her now durable skin that they are only tickling her and leave her laughing, snorting at the air and accidentally sniffing them up her nose like dust specks.

Becoming an Eldritch Being

Bonnie crushing the Moon.

With the helicopters and military forces mysteriously gone due to her sniffing, Bonnie is left wondering what she would do next. Bonnie then decides to go and do a little exploring. Due to her enormous size, she finds out she can easily move to a very large distance by a whim. Still drunk with power, she easily destroyed her own home city with a single step. But such simple destruction has made her bored, she decided to grow even larger by eating more. This time, Bonnie eats an entire volcano along with unfortunate people and lava inside, which caused her to grow so huge that she can leap to the outer space in a single jump as well as crossing an entire ocean with a single stretch on her body. Wanting to grow even more, Bonnie goes by jumping to the outer space to grab the moon and smash it entirely before eating it piece by piece. 

Bonnie devouring the planets.

Eating the whole moon has made her outgrown the Earth that her head is now as large as the said planet itself. Bonnie's current size now allowed her to smash the entire planet and eating it like an apple, leaving nothing but rubble. A small voice scolds Bonnie for callously eating the Earth and not caring about her family and friends left back home. But Bonnie continued by devouring all the other planets in the solar system, before eating the whole sun whole, resulting raw energy within the sun to cause Bonnie to outgrow the entire galaxy. Now she is large enough to consume the whole Milky Way with the future of the life in it seemingly doomed.


When hope all seemed lost, Martha unexpectedly shows up and with her immense powers, she stops Bonnie's rampage by using her mystical crystal ball to shrink the now-eldritch Bonnie to the size of a doll, before giving her to Lana (Martha's niece). To Bonnie's horror, this was done as punishment for her heinous crimes against the universe.


Bonnie's god complex and overly-gluttonous nature.

At the start, Bonnie was a normal teenage girl who is very insecure, timid and jealous about every girl around her who is more beautiful and attractive than her. She is determined to gain an attractive body and is so obsessed of wanting to fit in places she goes to.

But after drinking a supernatural potion given by Martha that starts making her grow into a giantess, Bonnie becomes addicted to the effects of the potion and keeps growing and growing every time she consumes food.

After outgrowing her house, Bonnie's curiosity leads her to become extremely gluttonous, utterly cannibalistic and endlessly vain and egotistical as she starts eating innocent people, buildings and everything else around her.

Bonnie seems to have a very high level of god complex as she loves being a goddess and the joy of being larger than life itself. She is also incredibly selfish and remorseless as she doesn't care about the senseless destruction she causes or devouring countless, innocent people and entire planets (even the Earth) and galaxies for no reason. Bonnie shows signs of being nihilistic and slow-minded as she never thinks about her actions, as she is so consumed of wanting to eat and devour everything in sight until there is nothing left in existence and even if she succeeds in her goals, she would outgrow the entire multiverse and devour all reality and in the end she would be the only living being left in all of creation.

Bonnie's god complex and extreme egotism has finally cause her to no longer love or care about her friends, family and home planet as she selfishly chooses to be an all-powerful goddess and continue satisfying her eternal hunger. She even seems to hate boredom as she destroyed a whole city just for the fun of it or grow larger to feed her own ego.

Bonnie's endless hunger and appetite causes her to be the most dangerous, destructive force in existence and Bonnie seems satisfied about everything she's done in the end.

Appearance and Traits

Bonnie was originally an normal, plump girl with green eyes and brunette hair. However, when she consumes Martha's potion alongside her food against Martha's warnings, Bonnie grows into a huge giantess with unnatural large breasts and hips. Her size seems to depend on how much she ate: the more she eats, the more she grows. At first, Bonnie grew around 25 feet when her head unexpectedly punches through the ceiling of her apartment, but she ultimately grew so high after devouring her unnamed rival. By the time she was attacked by military forces, Bonnie was so huge that her size was more or less comparable with Cthulhu, but later grew larger than either the Earth or Moon. After Bonnie devours the sun, she has now outgrown the entire galaxy and seems to be able to devour it whole and possibly all reality if Martha had not stopped Bonnie and her rampage before it was too late.



  • Bonnie shows similar traits to The Blob:
    • Both are flesh-eating giant monsters as they grow bigger every time they digest things, except Bonnie can grow larger much faster and can eat almost everything in her path (including vehicles, buildings, cities, planets and entire galaxies).
  • Bonnie is also very similar to Galactus:
    • Both became cosmic beings after taking something extremely powerful.
    • Both share an endless hunger with no ends.
    • Both ended up as the most massive, destructive force in the universe.
  • Bonnie is quite similar to Azathoth:
    • Both are cosmic entities and cataclysmic beings. 
    • Both have immortality and are endlessly dangerous. 
    • Both are absolutely evil and remorseless. 
    • Both are the strongest and most powerful beings of their universes. 
    • However the only difference is, Azathoth is a mindless deity who wants bring utter chaos and despair to the multiverse and rule the outer gods, while Bonnie is an eternally hungry, nihilistic giantess who wants to outgrow all of reality and devour all of existence. Plus Bonnie is more egotistical, destructive and evil as Bonnie doesn't care about her friends and family after devouring them and the Earth whole.
  • Bonnie is the first giantess in a comic book series to be a Complete Monster.
  • Bonnie is like a younger, darker and more evil version of Nancy Archer from Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.

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