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Robert ''Bob'' Rickman is the main antagonist of the main antagonist ''Persuasion'' of the first season of Smallville.



Bob and his partner Kyle Tippet were trapped inside the car for two days during the meteor shower in 1989. And according to Kyle, they themselves were not good salespeople before that day. But that after that day, they could convince anyone with their power of persuasion. After 1989, the two separated, while Kyle was startled by his mind-control powers, and if he decide to isolated himself from people, he asked Rickman to leave Smallville alone. Rickman founded his own company, being called Rickman Industries, he used his mind-control powers to manipulate the government to reinstate its environmental regulations absently beneath the plants.



Then when Paul Hendrix tries to investigate him, Rickman soon used his powers to make to commit suicide. Bob later went to Smallville, and convinced Whitney Fordman to kill his former best friend Kyle Tippet, before he threatened to expose his crimes. Despite Rickman scoffing at Tippet's threats, saying he had practiced his power for years, while Kyle denied them, and they refused to touch Tippet's hands. However, the attempt to assassinate Kyle proved to be a failure. After that, Rickman convinced Jonathan Kent to sell his farm. He then shock hands his Clark and tried to use his powers, but it had no effect on Clark, and Clark almost broke Rickman's hand.

After that, Bob paid a visit to Lex Luthor who was willing to help the Kent on the sale contract. But Bob used his touch and manipulated Lex to kill Clark, after that Bob and Kyle soon fought for who would dominate the other, and in the end even with Bob's practices, Kyle managed to get Bob to kill himself.


Bob is tall and young and wears a business suit with short hair.


Bob was the opposite of Kyle, being selfish and ignoring the suffering of others around him. However, he showed himself to be manipulative, sadistic, narcissistic and hightly psychopathic, enjoying the suffering of people, he also thanks to his plants that cause cancer and make people die.


  • Season One: Hug