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Boagrius is a minor antagonist in the 2004 film Troy. He is portrayed by Nathan Jones.


Boagrius is a brutish Greek Warrior who served under King Triopas during war against King Agamemnon.

In the film's opening, Greek kings Agamemnon and Triopas decide to spare their soldiers' lives by deciding their conflict based upon whose soldier triumphs in a one-on-one match of their respective strongest warriors. Agamemnon chooses Achilles while Triopas selects Boagrius.

The brutish warrior tries to antagonize his opponent by chanting with the crowd, to no avail. Achilles begins to walk forward, as Boagrius throws two spears at him. Achilles blocks the first with his shield and dodges the other while running towards Boagrius. When close enough, he Achilles leaps past the larger warrior's defenses faster than he can react, and stabs him downward through his shoulder into his heart, killing him.



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