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Elesis also known as Bloody Queen or also as Dark Knight and Crimson Avenger was the main antagonist of the Korean MMORPG game called Elsword.


Elesis is Elsword's older sister, a strong and calculating warrior who travels to the world to improve her abilities. Thereafter Elesis goes into a fierce battle against the dictator Wally of the Elder region, as he oppressed the people of Elder and tried to exploit the Elder.

She then along with Luichel's help defeats all of Wally's troops, and Elesis kills them. She then realizes that the honorable path is not always effective and she now turns to darkness. She was later ambushed by the demons and wounded, but when Bloody Queen absorded the fragment of Dark El, she is then reborn as Crimson Avenger and kills the demons. Elesis later abandoned his post as Scarlet Warrior and set out to seek revenge for his dead companions. However, after seeing that her companions did not returns, she abandoned her desires for revenge. And he began to invade the Demon Realm and to kill towns and cities inhabited by demons.

After that, Elesis realized same time she loved being the creator of evil and her feeling of revenge was gone. She continued to kill and drink the blood to become even more powerful even if it resulted in her death.