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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 31 July 2021

A bot for the wiki

There is a lot of cleanup that needs to be done on this wiki, including a lot of category updates. I have an account called Ferbot that I use for maintenance. It's just a regular account on this wiki right now. If it's registered as a bot, the edits can be done in the background and won't drown out the Recent changes lists or anything else.

The standard process is to announce it and get feedback to see if there's any issues about it. After it's approved, I will probably give it admin rights so that I won't have to switch back and forth between the Ferbot and RRabbit42 accounts if a page needs to be deleted or has been protected.

If anyone has a comment about this, enter it below. I'll probably turn in the request about mid-August.

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 31 July 2021

Account required starting September 1, 2021

TLDR summary: An account would be required to edit here starting in September 2021 to avoid unfairly blocking users. This is now active

Back in December, I realized it might be necessary to require everyone to have an account in order to edit here. This was prompted by the the conversion to the Unified Community Platform (UCP) happening all across Fandom that makes it nearly impossible to talk with someone who doesn't have an account. If the Message Wall is active, which it is here, you can't talk with them through it. The only way you can is to shut it off so it reverts back to the User Talk pages, or you keep the Wall active, create a User Talk-like page and set a block so you can tell them in the block reason "go look at this page".

The f…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 31 July 2021

The big honkin' To Do list

To help see which people would be good candidates to have extra user rights, I have a list of the issues our wiki is currently experiencing and what each of us can do to fix them. Those who can tackle these issues will show they're helping to build the wiki and should be considered to become a Thread moderator for the Discussions area, Content moderator for the main part of the wiki, or Administrator to help with the more advanced parts of maintaining a wiki.


  • No one's putting anything in the Edit Summary (the "Describe what you changed" line) so we have no way to know why they're changing something.
  • I think a lot of the pages for characters created here are just copied from another wiki. It would be better if we didn't do that and we …

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Dmsisco Dmsisco 11 July 2021


Why is it considered a horrible and inhuman thing to harm children?

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Sidfurry153 Sidfurry153 31 May 2021

My Top 5 Favorite Disney Villains

Here are my top 5 favorite Disney villains:

1. Scar

2. Jafar

3. Oogie Boogie

4. Hades

5. Captain Hook

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 22 March 2021

No longer saying the word "antagonist"

TLDR summary: This blog was updated on 7/31/2021 with additional reasons why antagonist labels are going to be completely removed from this wiki.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Introducing a character
  • 3 Waves of antagonist fussing
  • 4 Seeing characters a people instead of labels
  • 5 Can we keep antagonist labels?
  • 6 Official policies

Over the last decade, I've watched a lot of people engaging in antagonist fussing where they're trying to pin a label on a character that defines exactly how much of an antagonist they are. This also applies to protagonists (any good guy in a story), but mostly with antagonists. This blog will just talk about antagonists, but covers both.

I've talked about on other wikis the various problems it causes, which include:

  1. Because it is listed first…

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Christianbeliever Christianbeliever 24 January 2021

Villains Wiki

Villains Wiki got an upgrade, but this wiki doesn't seem to change. I would like to know how to recomission this wiki so it can get an upgrade.

Bryant B. (talk) 16:44, September 26, 2020 (UTC)

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Sovietsuperman Sovietsuperman 29 April 2020

Villains Are Better Than Heroes

Villains are better than heroes, because villains are actually what people are. Heroes are what people strive to be. Villains are the seasoning that spice up the story. An example will be the marvel villain Electro. He is very relatable. A average joe gaining superpowers, and using it for his personal gain. Be honest peple. If you gained powers. You will become a costumed criminal. No one wants to be a hero. Being a hero is going to be a very diffcult path. A lot of people will see you as being a freak. People are all the same essentially. They hate something that is different. They are bunch of cattle. They have a herd mentality. A group think as you call it. If you want evidence go to your average highschool or your average office.

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Super Poison Ivy Super Poison Ivy 14 April 2020

One of the most trustworthy users

Attention, everybody in the Villains Wiki. I am Super Poison Ivy. I am permanently considered to be one of the most trustworthy and honorable users in the Villains Wiki. I will follow the rules at all times. I will do a great job. I have a strong desire to be constructive. I can always talk to my friends in the Villains Wiki. I will never gloat. I will never break the rules. I will remain unblocked forever. I am here to make the Villains Wiki great. I can perform an action on a great job at all times. I am respected. I am a hero. I act like an innocent person. I am extremely competent and intelligent. I am also known to insert true information. So that's why I am trusted at all times.

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Lizardnut101 Lizardnut101 28 February 2020

No edit-warr necessary

I would like to hear your opinions and we will see if we can agree DO NOT CHANGE THE ARTICLE UNTIL AN AGREEMENT IS MADE

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 15 February 2020

Looking to adopt the wiki

February 26 update:

I'm putting the update at the top so people don't have to read through the blog to find out what changed.

RedCoatOfficial stopped by this week and approved my request for bureaucrat rights. Adopting the wiki is not necessary any more.

Fandom has been looking for quite a while at getting wikis that are about the same subject to merge together as a way of keeping the editing pool from becoming diluted.

The two Antagonists Wikis have been a candidate for this for a long time. The short version is a guy wanted his own version of the Villains Wiki so he created two Antagonist wikis and then he left and never came back.

Fandom recommended years ago these two should merge and I've started the process of getting everyone to come ove…

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Villainster Villainster 30 December 2019


This is a list I made so that some users can make more villain pages since we only have 4,419 pages. So here's a list of pages that you can make.

  • 1 Villain Pages
    • 1.1 Nickelodeon
    • 1.2 Disney
    • 1.3 Non-Disney
    • 1.4 Dreamworks
    • 1.5 Sequel Villains
    • 1.6 Dimwitted Minions
    • 1.7 Secondary Antagonists
    • 1.8 Cuphead
    • 1.9 Bullies
    • 1.10 Thugs
    • 1.11 Minions

  • The Willie Brothers

  • Jaclyn (Igor)
  • Rico (Home on the Range)
  • Brutish Captain & Oafish Guard
  • Mr. Smee (Peter Pan)
  • Max and Thor (George of the Jungle)
  • Sally & Kowalski (George of the Jungle 2)
  • Sarah Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)
  • Mary Sanderson (Hocus Pocus)
  • Butt-Ler (PacMan)
  • Bridget (The Swan Princess)
  • Grover Dill
  • Ares (John Wick)
  • Little Sergei (Secret Life of Pets 2)
  • The Bensons (Toy STory 4)

  • Alana Rivera (That's So Raven)
  • Billy Loomer (Ned's Declassified Scho…

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Popdropper Popdropper 27 November 2019

Elsa being a "femme fatale"

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Lizardnut101 Lizardnut101 23 November 2019

Saw Haden today

He also has autism except his is much more serious though he does have something i don't have he can remain calm in just about any situation unlike me yesterday if he was talking to that guy he probably would have sat back and listened to that guy call him a cyber bully and how i'm being disrespectful when i'm literally just trying to explain i'm just joking around. there was a time though where he had this new medication or something and he kept getting mad over absoloutely nothing and accusing me of things im not doing kinda like the guy yesterday or wait a minute......MAYBE HE WAS HADEN!!!!!!!!!!!

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Vincent Ly Vincent Ly 16 October 2019

Revealing the Monster Within

  • 1 Examples
    • 1.1 Cartoons/Comics
    • 1.2 Anime & Manga
    • 1.3 Video Games

  • After promising Pinocchio he will make him a star, Stromboli reveals his true colors when he locks the puppet in a cage and plots to make him perform in his show.

  • Dio Brando reveals his true nature when he rejects his humanity.
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Kintobor Kintobor 4 August 2018

I saw many cartoon villains

I noticed that Shredder from 2003 TMNT series is one of the most evil cartoon characters ever (maybe the most evil one).

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AdrianC385 AdrianC385 28 April 2018



NO Spamming or Trolling like dumbass Fandom User.

If you do,you will get banned forever.

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AdrianC385 AdrianC385 27 April 2018

How to block

Can Anybody tell me how to block somebody?

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AdrianC385 AdrianC385 27 April 2018


Dont' Say I wanna smash Willaim Afton shit like that. Keep that to yoursefl or leave the wiki.

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AdrianC385 AdrianC385 14 April 2018

Ban Gul the Darkness

Block  Gul the Darkness for spaming, he put Ernesto Da Cruz,Skeleton King as cm.

They are remorseful,which cm or pure evil.

If he doe this again,block him forever.

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 6 March 2018

Taking back control of Quotes, Goals and more

Part of the clutter on this wiki is in the Infoboxes. There's a space to fill in a quote, a goal and a few other things like what they like and dislike.

Too many of these are assumptions or happenstance. For example, the T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day was said to like killing innocent people. Innocent people were killed by it, but that was a result of following its programming, not because it liked killing.

For quotes, too many of them are things the character happens to say, rather than being a memorable quotation. For goals, too many of them are things the character happened to do, rather than being what is shown in the story that they were deliberately working to achieve. For likes and dislikes, too many of them are things that happ…

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AustinDR AustinDR 24 February 2018


So based on the design for the wiki, I am genuinely confused. I thought this wiki was explicitly for Disney Villains only ranging from the Disney Animated Canon, Pixar, and their acquiring of Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, and most of 20th Century Fox.

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 23 December 2017

Deleting pages copied from other wikis

This blog is to alert everyone that I am going to start deleting pages that have been copied from other wikis if a statement isn't put in the Edit Summary where it was copied from. This is called "copying without attribution".

The reason for this is that there are two Antagonist wikis, both created by the same person within five minutes of each other. He wanted his own copy of the Villains Wikia and he made both look like that wiki, but then he left within a half hour and never came back.

In 2016, the other Antagonists Wiki received a complaint from the Villains Wikia that too much was being copied from them without attribution. Some of this was caused by a vandal that deliberately ignored warnings not to do it. It escalated to Wikia staff a…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 18 December 2017

More categories than sentences

Earlier this year, I wrote a blog about how I had come to realize that category spamming is often lying. "Category spamming" refers to when people spend most of their time adding categories to pages. You look at the edits they've made, and there's row after row of edits marked with "Adding categories".

This blog is going to address a related problem: category abuse. Wikis make it easy to add categories to a page by putting a button for it after the categories list. You can add one category or you can add several at the same time.

Where this gets abused is when categories are used as an excuse not to write anything about the character. Categories are supposed to help organize a page. Too often, it's used to throw sound bytes at a character an…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 16 July 2017

Better definitions for categories

I have made an effort on several wikis to clean up problems that have been ongoing for several years. Another problem that's in this group is that the categories are being misused because those categories don't fit.

For example, a character is called a murderer or mass murderer because they wanted someone killed, but that person wasn't actually killed. Plus the character didn't commit the attempted killing themselves.

Other examples:

  • "Child-abuser". Most of the time, the child was put in some kind of danger, but not specifically abused. The story has to show actual abuse of that child, rather than vague "not nice" actions.
  • "Failure-intolerant". With these kinds of characters, you make a small mistake and they kill you. But most of the ones bei…
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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 12 March 2017

Category spamming is often lying

Over the past few months, I have been gathering information for a set of articles I want to write about something that can really help wikis. One of the points in the article will be that most people don't realize that every time someone makes an edit, we expect it to be true. There are people who deliberately cause vandalism and other problems, but for everyone else, the expectation is the edits will be true. It's one of those things that's in the back of our minds that we don't think too much about.

I've dealt with category spamming as a kind of nuisance. People spend too much of their time slapping categories on pages and they never write anything worthwhile on them. They have the attitude of "I can just click on the 'Add category' butto…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 15 January 2017

X, later Y antagonists

One common designation given characters is that they are a "X, later Y" antagonist or villain such as "the main, later secondary villain". This is because their overall importance in the story appears to change as the story progresses. Sometimes, it's because new information shows another character's importance is higher or lower.

I recently saw a note by another person that said "movies don't suddenly change their minds. They have a set villain from the beginning, and what happened was a twist."

That's a good point to remember. By the time a movie starts filming or animating, everything has to be locked down and defined as much as possible. In the script, the story beats are laid out, which are the points of action which move the story along…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 8 January 2017

Automatically a hero that turned bad

This is a companion blog to Automatic friends and Automatic enemies that will help explain why a character should not be automatically labeled as a hero and not automatically as being "turned" to being bad.

In many stories, we see characters that are only shown to be bad. We see nothing of their earlier life and we see nothing that shows when they made the decision to act like they currently are. There might be a little bit of information like when they made the change, but not much.

In these situations, the tempation is to say, "They're bad now, so they used to be good, therefore they were a hero that was turned to the Dark Side".

That is only partially correct. After we're born, it's the things we experience that help shape whether we'll be…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 8 January 2017

Automatic enemies

This is a companion blog to Automatic friends and Automatically a hero that will help explain why people aren't automatically an enemy to other characters.

When looking at a character, there is a temptation to assign enemies to them. That line is in the Infobox, so therefore it should be filled in, right? If it means you're going to try and force characters to be their enemy that really aren't, then no, you shouldn't.

The justification for filling in that line usually goes something like this:

Character A is trying to do something. While trying to do it, they encounter Character B, who does something that means Character A doesn't achieve what they're trying to do. Therefore, Character B is Character A's enemy.

That's not always the case. An e…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 8 January 2017

Automatic friends

This is a companion blog to Automatic enemies and Automatically a hero that will help explain why people aren't automatically a friend to other characters.

Just like with enemies, when looking at a character, there is a temptation to assign friends to them. That line is in the Infobox, so therefore it should be filled in, right? But if it means you're going to try and force characters to be their friend that really aren't, then no, you shouldn't.

Here's some examples:

  • When you're walking down the street, is every person you pass by automatically your friend?
  • What about the people you see at school or a shopping mall? Are all of them automatically your friends simply because you happen to see them?
  • What about people you see on Facebook or other …

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 8 January 2017

The bird from A Bug's Life is just a bird

This is based on a message I left for a user as an example of how people try to force characters to fit a description.

In the Pixar movie A Bug's Life, there is a bird that appears a few times and causes problems for various characters in its search for food because to it, those characters are food. I have seen other people try to classify the bird as a villain or a hero during the past two years, but it's neither. It's just a bird. It is an antagonist because it's an obstacle that Flik and the other ants have to figure a way to get around, but it is nothing more.

Here's why the bird is just an antagonist and a very minor one at that:

To be a villain, you have to not only be a bad person, but you have to go out of your way to be bad, such as r…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 16 January 2016

Category sprawl

Categories on a wiki like this can grow out of control. Some of that is due to adding them willy-nilly as an opinion rather than making an effort to help organize the pages. In some cases, the amount of categories is longer than the description on the page itself.

But another type of category sprawl comes from people adding the same category with a slight change. For example, look at these categories:

Destroyer of Innocence
Destroyer of innocence
Friend of the Hero
Friend of the hero
Type dependent on Version
Type dependent on version

The only difference is that on the first line, the last word starts with a capital letter, and on the second line it isn't.

On a Windows computer, they would be the same thing. But on this wiki, they are treated a…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 25 December 2015

Misinformation campaigns

One of the statements that keeps coming up about characters is that a "misinformation campaign" or a "campaign to misinform" was used to hide the facts about that character. I'm going to refer to both as a "misinformation campaign".

At it's heart, that's correct in a small way, but the way those phrases are being used takes it a lot further to where it's being misused to justify what is being said.

The defintion of "misinform" is pretty simple: "to give false or misleading information to". Where that's correct is that a movie studio, writer, director, actor and advertising department will never come right out and say "this is exactly who this character is" before the movie premieres or the TV episode is broadcast. They'll give a hint to get …

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MovieFan1999 MovieFan1999 4 November 2014

Adopting the wiki!

Hey, everyone! I wanted to let everyone know that I am planning on adopting the wiki. The reason for this adoption is the lack of colors, no background, no wordmark and no one can become admin due to lack of one. I hope everyone will agree with this so that we can have a speedy adoption! :D

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 17 May 2014

Moving to the Antagonists Wiki

I have been contacted by Fandom about merging the Antagonists Wiki with the Antagonists Wiki. Yes, you read that right. The only difference is that one URL says "" and the other says "". You're reading this message on the second one.

Normally it doesn't hurt to have more than one wiki about the same subject. In this case, there are several reasons for merging the two wikis:

  • Both were created by the same person within five minutes of each other with nearly-identical addresses.
  • Both cover the same subject: antagonists.
  • Rather than edit on an established wiki, the Villains Wiki, the person chose to duplicate it and made these two look like that wiki.
  • The person who created both wikis has been gone for ove…
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