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Big Show is an antagonist in the WWE franchise. His role has changed over the years, from antagonist to ally of Ryback to enforcer to arch-nemesis of Triple H and Randy Orton. He is also an enemy for Roman Reigns.

Role and villainous acts

In 2004, he fought Kurt Angle with no mercy, and defeated him.

In 2005, he fought against Gene Snitsky and defeated him and six of his henchmen.

In 2006, he joined Randy Orton and he fought against Kane and Cartilo.

He also joined The Authority that year, but he plotted with Ryback to betray Triple H and Randy Orton by knocking them and their henchmen out on stage.

He later fought Van Dam, and successfully defeated him.

In 2007, he was defeated by Hogan.

In 2008, he feuded with The Undertaker.

In 2009, he humiliated and almost killed John Cena on stage.

In 2010, he teamed up with Miz, and lost a battle to The Heart Dynasty.

He also fought and defeated Jack Swagger.

In 2011, he broke the stage and defeated Mark Henry, as well as knocking out Triple H once again.

In 2012, he was eliminated after Cody Rhodes had ultimately defeated him.

He also defeated Cena and Kane in a fight, and ultimately won them.

In 2014, he fought Seth Rollins, but was defeated by an enraged Roman Reigns, who helped Cena win.

He also teamed up with Ryback and fought Seth Rollins and Kane.

In 2015, he fought Ryback, due to leaving The Authority and betraying him so many times. He was ultimately defeated. He lost his rank to Ryback in WWE.

Randy Orton and Ryback also defeat him in Smackdown.

In 2016, he fights The Social Outcasts with the help of Kane.

He fights the Wyatt Family with Ryback as his boss and temporary teammate.

In the 2017 animated film The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!, he took over Orbit City because humans are not allowed in the future.