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Big Fish Boss is the major antagonist in Ratboy Genius on the Youtuber cartoon show. He is cruel anthromorphic dictator and the leader of Galaxy.



At first the Big Fish Boss seemed to be a demonic creature with a thirst power, he then appears simply out of nowhere and reveals to Ratboy Genius that a previous Fish Boss had attacked on Mars and had killed all his life and created what is currently known like Valle Mariness, and what implies that Big Fish came from an extremist family and maybe that shown why he's so determined to do it.

Ratboy Genius Dreams Minecraft[]

In Ratboy Genius Minecraft he doesn't appear, but he was mentioned and feared because of his past actions that he commited in Galaxy.

Galactic Superheroes[]

He appears in the third episode of the series as a very real threat. Where he reveals a plan to dominate the Galaxy. The furious leader orders his soldiers to separate from Fish Eater. Meanwhile, Big Fish exclaims that Galaxy is for fish and leaves, so it won't be seen for years.

Little King John: THE FLOOD[]

Then it is revealed that the Big Fish Boss is the invisible antagonist if not the end, as they focus more on Little King John than on Big Fish. And then it is revealed that Little King John himself is recruited by Ratboy Genius in the battle against the Big Fish Boss.

Starship Genius[]

According to the professor, Big Fish planned to use the legions to be able to collect energy from solar wind and generating electric currents that are capable of destroying plannets without effort. Then Big Fish orders its troops to destroy a helpless planet that they are shown swimming in space and no one suspects they are overseeing the events. Then, over time, Big Fish takes six reels of Tesla fish. However the Starship Genius absorbs the attack, and George faces him, Big Fish then attacks him by cutting off his four arms, but Ratboy Genius and Summer Soltice play their own Thunderbolt defeating the Big Fish Boss.


Big Fish Boss wants himself to control the world on a universal scale, and killing anything or anything that gets in his wat without any remorse for it. He is also very manipulative in manipulting other specimens to make his goals.


Big Fish Boss is an anthromorphic fish with bluish skin and small purple, red, green and yellow marks.



  • In a way even as an irony and despite the Big Fish Boss being one of the most sympathetic villains in the series he is the most cruel at the same time.