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If only I could see death of the world
~ Beyond Birthday

Beyond Birthday is a main antagonist of the Death Note - Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Case. He is the second son of Wammy's house, and he tried to take L's life to take his place as his successor. He is also a psychopath who is behind the killings as the serial killer. In addition, its appearance is identical to L well as its mannerism. He never appeared in manga, anime, TV series or movie until today, but he was briefly mentioned both in the anime and Manga.


Beyond Birthday appears only in the novel of Death Note - The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. The novel is narrated by Mello, he says that he is only teilling the story so he can display his knowledge of L over Near. Mello then decides that Near can not be the only person to read the book, which then should make him more interesting, while Mello tells the story he shows different techniques. Mello soon begins as a typical narrator but he fails to acquire a mode of speech that is usually coupled with a narrative that is live. The novel also changes from certain opinions like the one of Naomi in the visions of her.

Throughout the history does not realize that Rue Ryuzaki, to whom Naomi considered him only like a simple young suspect that in fact he was the Beyond Birthday. Many began to believe that Beyond Birthday was L because of their mannerism and appearance including even their similar personalities and their passions for sweets. In addition to him pretending to be L using his acting skills and pass himself off as a copy of the L he most likely heard. It is not known if BB has ever met L personally. The not disguised BB is briefly mentioned by Mello during his novel narrative.

The next day, Naomi arrives at scenes at the scene that the murder of BB will be committed. And soon realizes the mysterious private investigator is not what it looks like she works with. After many clues, she discovers that Rue Ryuzaki is the Beyond Birthday, and the ultimate killer in her truth in attempting suicide. She can stop him from burning to death and arrest him.

A year later, Beyond Birthday would die of heart attack possibly by Kira since he was using the Death Note to kill criminals and everyone who would catch his plans to create a perfect world.

Description and all about the Character[]

Not much is known about the history of BB, although his name is still given as (unknown) he was one of the first children in line to succeed L. From the Wammy's House he then proved that to be too much for A, which led him to commit suicide, while B then left Yammy House soon after at some unknown point in history.

In addition to his whereabouts having been kept as unknown until 2002 early in the story, L has tracked cases around the world to search for him. It also came as a plan to try overcome L as the World's Greatest Criminal, giving L a case that Beyond Birrtday hoped he would be unable to solve.

Besides being also described as being very similar to L, but also not only in appearing more also in his mannerism and way of acting, he is also said to have opted to intimidate L. And his color in his eyes are unknown.

Given his characteristic that BB imitates L, it is not known what his actions are of his charades, and his genuine traits of his personality. Beyond is seen eating jelly with strawberry in a pot with his hands, which he seems to desire as he has pots stored in the refrigerator of the victims. Although Beyond is mentioned only once in the book, this explicit that Beyond often pratctices laughing, showing also his sadistic and psychopathic side. It is also interresting that as is noted by Mello that his laughter is referred to with Shinigami's laughter.

BB was also born with the eyes of Shinigami that allowed him to know the hours of when people will die and their full names. Uses theses priviledged abilties to catch his victims and kill them when they are already destined to die. It is not known how he was born with the eyes of Shinigami, although Mello asked if any Shinigamy had dropped his eyed on Earth instead of a Death Note.

Known Victims[]

Believe Bridesmaid[]

He first victim to Believe Bridesmaid, he drugged her and strangled her with a rope and Four Wara Ningyo (a straw doll) were simply left at the scene of the crime and he also mutilated her in post-mortem, her chest was cut several times and also he took the opportunity to dress her again. As she looks at the autopsy, Naomi soon realized that Believe's wounds are nothing more than the name of her next victim in Roman.

Quarter Queen[]

The second murder happened just four days after the first, on August 4, the victim is the Quarter Queen (a 13-year-old girl), who was also drugged before his death, which caused head trauma in one contusion and his eyes were simply crushed in the was then mutilated in post-mortem and three Wara Ningyo were left at the scene of the crime.

Backyard Bottonslash[]

Her third victim to Backyard Bottonslash was murdered only nine days after the murder of Quarter Queen. She was a 28-year-old female employee who had been drugged before her death. Although his was different between the two previous victims between 44 and 13, BB later took the organs of Backyard without breaking the skin he took his right leg and teft two Wara Ningyo at the crime scene and nailed with the last two crime scenes.


Due to its similarity to L it is not known very much if the Another Note work is about Beyond Birthday or the L. Some believe that it is the L because it does not have red eyes because the fans began to connect with the eyes of Shinigami. More in the manga is it impossible for a human to see another human with Shinigami eyes or not making them look normal.

Others also find it improbable that there are two protagonists opposing another protagonist since this role is for the antagonist.


  • In the film L: Change the WorLD, L is using his laptop and sent a message to Watari to the members of Wammy's House, letter B is seen in the discussion of L. It is unknown whether this happened or not.