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Benton Farland was a psychopath, arsonist, cop killer, and the main antagonist of the Criminal Minds episode ''Amelia Porter'' in season 10.

He is portrayed by Travis Caldwell.



Farland was born on August 14, 1984, his mother died in 1993 when he was 8 years old. He was attracted to his older sister Miriam. However, due to her being an adult this made it difficult. He then met Amelia Porter with whom he had a romantic affair, however Farland only used her to catch Miriam. And for a day when Farland manipulated Amelia and drugged her to help him. Farland then raped Amelia and then ordered her to kill Miriam. After your brother's death. Only Farland was arrested, although he received a lesser sentenced than Amelia. While she fled the authorities.

Criminal Minds[]

Amelia Porter[]

After being arrested, Farland is finally released during, he then goes to his father's house, Oren who is with his grandsons, Andy and Rebecca. Although he treats his youngest son with contempt because he caused the death of his daughter, Oren agrees to welcome Farland to his home. And during a disagreement, Farland ends up killing Oren, Farland then kills a security guard named Erwin Jackson. And during this, BAU begins to investigate the cases involving Farland. After accindentally, Farland kills a couple named Ron and Karen Meyerson for trying to report them. Later when Andy tries to betray him, Farland almost kills him, but takes Rebecca with him. Farland then goes after Amelia, and he confronts her. After that, BAU manages to locate him, meanwhile, Farland says how Rebecca looks like her mother. Then when the BAU appears, Farland then commits suicide so as not to return to prison.

Known Victims[]

  • Miriam Farland
  • Oren Farland
  • Andy Farland and Rebecca Farland
  • Erwin Jackson
  • Ron and Karen Meyerson
  • Unnamed female state trooper
  • Unnamed female motorist
  • An unnamed couple
  • Amelia Porter


  • According to the Department of Corrections, Farland's Social Security number is 962-008642.