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Barry the Chopper or also by his cell number what is called Number 66, unlike his countepart which is a comic relief, in this version Barry was shown to be a much more serious and cruel villain, just like Solf J. Kimble. He was voiced by Jerry Jewell in the English, and Kentaro Ito in the version Japanese both of 2003 and the original.


Barry was a butcher who lived in Central City. One day Barry soon decided to cut his wife to pieces after a family fight. Barry liked that feeling, so he started killing women by cutting them off and leaving Central City terrified of a serial killer. Then Barry captures brother Elrich's childhood friend Winry. Ed tracks him, but is eventually captured by the butcher. Barry with a huge sadism removes Edward's metal parts and tells Ed that he loves to kill and that he was sniffed out by another state alchemist that he saw killing Ishvalian's underserved and possibly referring to Solf J. Kimble during his conversation with Ed. But later, Ed after manages to loosen himself by removing the alchemy chains and regaining his arm, he then defeats Barry as he is arrested and executed for his crimes.

Barry later had his soul brought back in metallic body with Al, and sent to take care of Laboratory 5, Barry meets with Alphonse and the two begin to fight Ed from inside a house. He begins to result Al by saying that his memories could be nothing more than Ed's own imagination. Then Barry has a confrontation with Scar that he destroys one of Barry's arms causing him to flee. Barry then returns once again with a mercenary group and as a recruit and killing Ishbalians in a night raid, he finds Al and tries to kill him, Ed and Scar enter the fight also to his aid and Scar attacks Barry, damaging his armor and blood rune that keeps him alive, causing Barry to accidentally explode with one of the mercenary weapons, shortly after Scar kills Barry destroying his helmet.