Baby Doll
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Batman: The Animated Series
The New Batman Adventures
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Video games
Park attractions
Voice Alison LaPlaca
Larraine Newman
Performance model
Character information
Other names Mary
Personality Tragic, delusional
Appearance Small, blonde, fair-skin, black hair
Occupation Criminal
Goal Get revenge on the cast of Baby Doll
Friends Killer Croc
Enemies Batman, Robin, Spunky
Likes Killer Croc, being famous
Dislikes Spunky
Powers and abilities
Weapons Gun
Fate Presumably taken to jail by Batman
Typical Saying "I didn't mean to."

Marion Louise "Mary" Dahl, known better as Baby Doll, is a villain in Batman: The Animated Series.

Because of a rare medical condition, she cannot physically grow past the age of five...although her actual age is 30. She was actually the Star of a TV Comedy "Love That Baby" until the ratings went down. To keep the ratings up, Cousin Spunky was introduced..and earned her hatred especially on her birthday episode by pushing her face into a cake. She quit the show and tried to be a dramatic actress but her performance as Lady MacBeth ruined her career forever.

Years later with the help of her accomplice Mariam and two thugs she kidnapped members of her old cast for a reunion at her old she had only really been happy in her life...her script called for all the old cast members to be tied up at a recreation of her birthday which she would get Revenge on Spunky by pushing his face in the birthday cake...and then ignite a dynamite candle in which everyone...her family and herself would go out in a explosive finale. Batman and Robin ruined her plan by having Robin impersonate Spunky; the dynamic duo sudue her henchmen and Batman purses her to a fairgrounds. She tries to hide in a Hall of Mirrors and is stunned and shocked to see herself as a very beautiful young adult woman ...which she would have become had it not been for her medical condition. In a rage and anger for the life she will never have, she breaks down mentally and shoots every mirror. She surrenders to Batman with her catchphrase I didn't mean To.


The scene at the ending where she breaks the mirrors echos the movie The Lady from Shanghi ending

Her two henchmen resemble Gilligan and the Skipper from the classic comedy Gilliagns Island